How to add related posts to Blogger – Related posts widget for Blogger

Blogging is a one nice way to help peoples. Do you agree? Yes, then why don’t you help them more by showing and linking to one of your related posts? We once mentioned in one of our posts about internal linking that helps to keep your site visitors to stay for a long time. In this post we will see how to add related posts to Blogger.

How to add related posts to Blogger

You should not leave your blog visitors when they finish reading your post. Just add “You might also like” or “related posts” below every posts and have three to four linked pages with thumbnail images and send your visitors to related posts. By adding related posts below your Blogger posts you will get more page views. The more page views in more Alexa rank and more the rank is more you have the chance of making money. Let’s see how to get related posts below Blogger posts using related posts widget.

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How to add related posts to Blogger – Related posts widgets for Blogger

To add related posts in Blogger all you need is related posts widgets which you can create one at link within.

Go to and you will see a space for get widget. Enter your email address, your blog URL, select the platform as Blogger. In width select whether you want 3,4 or 5 related posts for your Blogger to display. If your Blogger template is dark then check that box that says “my blog has a light text on dark background” and click Get widget.

Related posts for Blogger - Related post widgets

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Now at the next page you will see install widget on Blogger, Click that link which says install widget.

Related posts for Blogger - Related posts widget

Now a new window opens like this. If you have more than one blogs then select one from that list where you wish to display related posts. In link title change the link within to Related Posts and click add widget.

How to add related posts to Blogger

In your Blogger layout settings you can see the related posts widget that gets added in your sidebar. For best results you must drag the related post widgets and drop it below your blog posts.

Now open one of your Blogger posts and you will see the related posts displayed with thumbnails. Happy Blogging!

Update: Add nRelate related posts widget in Blogger where you will get more options and it is better than LinkWithin.

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