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Adding Feedburner email subscription form in wordpress and Blogger

You will start to receive some good traffic flow when you keep on publishing quality content in your website. Whether you are a professional blogger or blogging for hobby there are some folks who always stick to your blog and love your writings. Since you blog more often the main goal should be building a

How to add Google custom search engine in Blogger – Google search bar

A blog, in order to give a best user experience must possess three important things. One is commenting system that helps users to interact with each other’s. Know how to enable or disable comments in Blogger. The second one is showing dates in posts (timestamp) that helps visitors to know whether the content is evergreen

Add hit counter to Blogger – Flag counter and live traffic feed widget

Want to reveal the traffic flow to your site visitors? You might have seen in many blogs (especially in BlogSpot) that display visitor counts with country names and flags in sidebar.  All such tools like hit counter, flag counter, real time map dots and live traffic feeds are simple, free to add third party widgets.

How to add PayPal donation button in Blogger blog – Donation widget

Is your blog is ad free or you offering any products or services in your blog for free then at least add a donation button for all your hard work. You might have noticed PayPal donation buttons in some blogs and open source software sites. Making money by adding a donation button works well especially

How to easily add / embed Google maps in Blogger blog page and sidebar

Showing your business location by adding your address details somewhere at the corner of your webpage is an old school method. When it comes to online business you have to let your customers and visitors know about your business location. So why not assist them to easily find out your location by adding interactive Google

Setup nRelate related posts widget in Blogger –LinkWithin alternative

As you all know internal linking is more beneficial for the purpose of SEO, for you and your users. Adding related posts below your blog posts helps your site visitors as well as it helps in increasing your sites page views. So we made an article on adding related posts widget using LinkWithin. Recently we

How to make floating sidebar in wordpress – Creating sticky sidebar

In most of the sites you can see something floating and sticky. It can be sharing buttons, floating footer bar, sticky header bar and floating sidebar. People use sticky and floating object for some promotional purpose. Sticky and floating objects will catch visitor’s eyes and gets more click through rates than static objects. Here let’s