Setup nRelate related posts widget in Blogger –LinkWithin alternative

Installing nRelate related posts widget in BloggerAs you all know internal linking is more beneficial for the purpose of SEO, for you and your users. Adding related posts below your blog posts helps your site visitors as well as it helps in increasing your sites page views. So we made an article on adding related posts widget using LinkWithin. Recently we found out that LinkWithin site is down for maintenance. So here we will see how to setup nRelate related posts widget in Blogger.

nRelate related post is better than LinkWithin

Other than maintenance we found out more issues with LinkWithin and yes! nRelate related posts is best. First of all LinkWithin is not good for your SEO, we noticed that LinkWithin related posts are redirecting your site traffic to their site and directing back to your pages. You are passing your PageRank and link juice to LinkWithin from all your pages. Also there are few who mentioned that LinkWithin is showing unrelated posts. That’s why you need to switch to nRelate related posts widget where you can get more features than LinkWithin. So if you are using LinkWithin, better remove it and install nRelate related posts widget in your Blogger blog.

Features of nRelate:

  1. You can change your thumbnail size
  2. You have the option to choose from six different styles
  3. You can choose the relevancy level for related posts
  4. Join nRelate partner program and make money
  5. You can link default image for thumbnail
  6. You can display a maximum of 10 related posts in each blog pages
  7. nRelate works on wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr
  8. You can limit number of characters for title, excerpts and much more.

How to setup nRelate related posts in Blogger

  1. Go to nRelate registration page and create a new account. Once done activate in your mail and login to nRelate.
  2. After logging in click on install at the menu next to logo and select the platform that is Blogger.How to add nRelate related posts in Blogger
  3. Now at the next page enter your site URL and click submit
  4. Now you will have three options to choose from where you need to install the widget. Posts only, post and homepage and all pages.How to setup nRelate related posts widget in Blogger
  5. Select “posts only” option which takes you to next page to add page element.Adding nRelate related posts in Blogger
  6. Select your blog, change the title as “you might also like” or “Related posts” and click on add widget.
  7. Now it will take you to your blogs layout page. For best results drag the nRelate related posts widget from sidebar to below your posts and click save arrangement.

Go and check your blog where you have added related posts widget using nRelate. If you don’t like the look and feel or if you wish to modify based on your blogs appearance, then customize nRelate.

Customizing nRelate related posts widget

To customize nRelate related posts widget login to your nRelate account and at the top menu click on settings or go to settings here .

Customizing nRelate related posts widget in Blogger

In settings page you will have more option to modify the related posts widget.

Main settings: Here you can change the related posts format to text or thumbnails and you can choose your thumbnail size. Select from six different styles Trendland, Bloginity, LinkWithin, ToonBarn and Poloraid. You can change the related post title, set the relevancy to low, medium or high as you like and you have more options.

Removing nRelate logo – to remove nRelate logo from your page uncheck this box which says “support nRelate by displaying our logo”.

Removing nRelate logo from Blogger

The next thing you will see is advertising settings and partner settings in which you can display ads and related content from partner sites.

Make all changes to your nRelate related posts widget, click save and now check your blog. Your blog has a pretty looking related posts below each of your blog posts that is linking to relevant results.