Add hit counter to Blogger – Flag counter and live traffic feed widget

Add hit counter to Blogger - Live traffic feed, flag counter widgetWant to reveal the traffic flow to your site visitors? You might have seen in many blogs (especially in BlogSpot) that display visitor counts with country names and flags in sidebar.  All such tools like hit counter, flag counter, real time map dots and live traffic feeds are simple, free to add third party widgets. Here we will see such third party tools, their functions and how to add them. Before looking in to some third party widgets we will see about blog’s status which is included in your widget.

Adding Blogger blog’s status widget

Blog’s status is a widget by Blogger that shows number of page views to your blog. Here is how you add it. Login to your blog dashboard, go to layout and click on add a gadget. Now a pop up screen opens with a list of gadgets, just scroll down and open blog’s status. Now you will see a window to configure the status widget. Give a title to the widget, choose time period, select style and then click on save. The gadget is added in your blog; order your sidebar and save the layout arrangement. From now your visitors will know the number of page views to your blog.

Add hit counter to Blogger - Real time traffic feed, world map dots, flag names

Feedjit – Real time traffic feed for your blog

Feedjit is a free third party widget used in millions of websites that creates a live surfing experience. This widget shows you where people came from (their country, city, IP address), at what time they arrived to your website etc. Whenever a visitor arrives to your site the traffic feed will be updated.

Add Flag counter to Blogger, Hit counter and real time traffic feed widget

Adding Feedjit in your blog is very simple. Go to and start customizing the widget for your blog. Choose color scheme, widget width and select number of feeds to show. Then choose your blogging platform that is Blogger and click on go. Follow all the on-screen instructions that is they will provide a script, just copy it, paste it in HTML/JavaScript widget and you are ready to go.

Feedjit- Real time traffic widget to Blogger , Add clusr widget, Flag counter

Flag Counter 

Flag Counter is another widget which is little different from Feedjit. It shows the total number of visitor counts to your blog with country flags. Whenever a visitor from new country arrives to your blog, a new flag is added.  Other than that it shows number of page views, number of flags collected and a flag map.

Add hit counter to Blogger, Add flag counter, Real traffic widget

This widget offers you various options to customize. After the customization, click on get your flag counter and you will be provided with an HTML code. Just add it in your website and start collecting flags from all over the world.

Add hit counter, hit status, show real time traffic, flag counter to Blogger


ClustrMaps is a hit counter widget that shows real time dots in a thumbnail map. To use this service and to get traffic statistics to your blog, you have to register first.