Popup window for Blogger – Popup window code

You might notice in some websites that a popup window opens suddenly without the knowledge of you which leads to other websites and they do it for some promotional purpose.

It’s easy to add popup window for blogger and adding popup window helps in increasing page views of your blog and you can help visitors to know useful links within your site and other external sites.

How to create a popup window for Blogger

  1. Login to your blogger  account
  2. Go to Dashboard >> layout and click “add a gadget” from sidebar or footer
  3. Open HTML/JavaScript gadget
  4. Add the following script in HTML/JavaScript content area and click save

Popup window for blogger

<script type="text/javascript">
document.body.onclick= function(){
window.open('https://blogtimenow.com', 'poppage', 'toolbars=0, scrollbars=1, location=0, statusbars=0, menubars=0, resizable=1, width=950, height=650, left = 300, top = 50');


  1. Make sure to change the https://blogtimenow.com URL
  2. Customize the width and height of the popup window like you wish

Now a popup window opens pointing to that page when users click somewhere on your blog.

Check out the popup window live in action here.