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How to receive emails in Gmail primary inbox – Handling Gmail tabs

Have you subscribed to any email newsletters and not at all receiving any one of it in your inbox. That may be because those email newsletters delivered to your Gmail promotional tab which in most cases we do not open it. Is your business hugely depends on email marketing if so then are you gathering

How to fix Feedburner feed double titles issue – Quick tip

Most of the wordpress users syndicate their RSS feeds using Feedburner. For those who do not know, Feedburner is a service that delivers your recent blog posts via email to your subscribers. Have you ever seen your Feedburner subscriber stats count jumping up and down, it goes crazy at times and it is a glitch!

Adding Feedburner email subscription form in wordpress and Blogger

You will start to receive some good traffic flow when you keep on publishing quality content in your website. Whether you are a professional blogger or blogging for hobby there are some folks who always stick to your blog and love your writings. Since you blog more often the main goal should be building a

How to disable Google Analytics tracking for logged in users

Google Analytics is an effective data analysis tool which gives precise traffic statistics on your website. It is a must to use tool for every website and you know what setting up analytics on a website is very simple. We have discussed a lot about Google Analytics, we have covered about setting up Analytics on

How to embed Twitter tweets in your website or blog posts

Do you wish to show your tweets into your blog post or may be somewhere in your website like in pages, footer or in sidebar widgets? The actual way to show off your tweet in your website is simply by embedding them and not by taking a screenshot of the tweet and placing it. As

How to find Feedburner subscribers count for any particular feed

Feedburner is the most popular service to manage your feeds. Each and every website use Feedburner in order to burn their RSS feeds. It has more features for you; also your subscribers will have variety of readers to choose from. We have some useful articles for you about Feedburner such as importance of Feedburner for

Export Facebook friends birthdays to Google calendar, iCal and Excel

Facebook is a widest network in the world connecting each other. Making a birthday wishes has become more popular in Facebook. If any of your Friends has a birthday you will be notified in Facebook, but what if you were not on Facebook during that day. You will probably missing your friends birthday or someone