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How to receive emails in Gmail primary inbox – Handling Gmail tabs

Have you subscribed to any email newsletters and not at all receiving any one of it in your inbox. That may be because those email newsletters delivered to your Gmail promotional tab which in most cases we do not open it. Is your business hugely depends on email marketing if so then are you gathering

How to add / claim a local business listing to Yelp – Small business

Are you running a local business and would like to market your business online? Then Yelp will be a good start for you. The way people used to find business and services has been changed over years. If you don’t show up in their searches then you are losing business. Yelp is one of the

How to submit and claim your website in Alexa – Alexa site submit

If you are a webmaster then you must know certain things about your website. In order to take you site to the next level you must keep up with the latest trends and that can be attained only after several analysis. By analyzing the traffic data and understanding your site visitors you will come to

How to share Google webmaster tools and Analytics account with someone

Google Analytics provides an in depth statistics that help us to perceive and enhance our website traffic. Google webmaster tool is an advanced search analysis tool that helps us to plan and evaluate our SEO campaign.  Both are amazing tools for webmasters and site owners. You know what, both Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics

Importance of Email marketing – Push send and grow your business

Some think that Email marketing is in-effective and old fashioned but the truth is Email marketing still works like a charm. If you are willing to promote your business online then among many types of internet marketing Email marketing is also considered to be the one of the most effective and well known. Moreover social

Importance of online video marketing to raise your business audience

We have featured an article about article marketing and its importance in SEO for your business campaign. Now this article reveals some importance of online video marketing for a successful business that improves your business audience and sales rate. What is online video marketing? Online video marketing is the process of promoting business digitally and

What is Affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work

You have seen some hundreds of blogs that places some banners and images about make quick money online with some easy steps, Reduce body fat in 7 days, how to make money with this and that …., Work from home Mom makes 7000$ monthly which is going viral these days. You will really get impressed