What is Affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work

You have seen some hundreds of blogs that places some banners and images about make quick money online with some easy steps, Reduce body fat in 7 days, how to make money with this and that …., Work from home Mom makes 7000$ monthly which is going viral these days.

What is Affiliate marketing and how do they workYou will really get impressed with those banners and once you click on that link and buy a product in vendor’s website then the affiliate gets commission. The product you have brought can be worth or useless but some might be scams that get you a big e-book on how to make money guide.

So what is Affiliate Marketing?

The process of getting commission for selling and promoting vendor’s products and services via blog or niche websites or by any mode that works for affiliates is called Affiliate marketing.

Can anyone make money with Affiliate programs?

Yes! All you need is a website, good writing, basic web knowledge and some internet marketing skills to promote ones products. Also more research!

Where do I find Affiliate programs?

These days from massive million dolor companies to single entrepreneur have their own affiliate programs online. These are some trustable companies where you can join for affiliate programs Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction and more

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Are they really worth?

As I told you some might be scams and some might be really useful for people who buy the product or service but for people who are making money with affiliate program can really benefit from this. It depends on what type of affiliate partner you choose, some may give more commissions and some less. Check out their affiliate program policies before joining.

How does Affiliate marketing works?

Once you join in any affiliate networks; OK let’s start with ClickBank for example once you join in ClickBank as an affiliate partner and choose a product to promote they will give you a hop link for that product which is referral tracking URL that helps you, ClickBank and the vendor to track the necessary information like number of referrals, number of impression, number of clicks and number of sales.

What is affiliate marketing and how do they work

Can I start my own Affiliate Program?

Yes! There are many peoples ready to promote your product or service online if they found it to be worth. These websites can help you to promote your product and services Amazon and ClickBank.

Affiliate program is not a scam only if you choose a right partner. With all the above questions I hope you got the clear picture of what is affiliate marketing and how do they work.