How to create Amazon affiliate links – Create, track affiliate links

Amazon affiliate links - How to create Amazon affiliate links and track itDo you know that Amazon pays you for recommending products? Amazon is a trustworthy and well known company globally and there are tons of products stocked. Therefore now and then you will be sharing Amazon products to your friends, families, blog visitors etc. So why not earn credits from it? It is what bloggers do to make some extra money. No idea, then read these two articles. How affiliate program works and beginners guide to make money with Amazon affiliate program.

As an affiliate, Amazon offers you various kinds of tools and widgets which might confuse you at the beginning. You can effectively make use of the tools and widgets to promote their products. Amazon’s affiliate system is smart enough to grasp and give credits for the purchase that you made.  Just choose a product, create an affiliate link, share it all around and get paid for every single referral. This is how it works, so the common question arises to most of the beginners is how to create Amazon affiliate links. Here we will see how to create and track Amazon affiliate links.

Hope you have created your affiliate account in Amazon after reading those two articles above. If you haven’t yet created then go and first create your affiliate account. At the very first after creating your affiliate account we would like you to create a tracking id.

Associates ID

Many affiliates have this doubt on both associates ID and tracking ID. In Amazon when you first create your affiliate account you might have probably entered you website name. The software automatically generates an associates ID based on your website name with a two digit unique number at the end (for example: blogtimenowcom-20). Assume associates ID as your affiliate username which cannot be changed.

Tracking ID

Amazon affiliate tracking ID - How to create Amazon affiliate URL, linksThe very first thing you will see in your affiliate dashboard is your associates ID and tracking ID. Tracking ID is used to track and analyze the clicks, orders, earnings etc. Creating tracking ID will be useful if you run multiple niche sites in order to promote different merchandise. That is Instead of maintaining different affiliate accounts you can use these tracking IDs based on your merchandising strategies. In one associates ID that is under one affiliate account you can create and manage 100 tracking IDs. Learn more about Amazon tracking ID here.

How to create Amazon affiliate links

Step 1: After choosing your tracking ID, enter the product name that you wish to promote or browse a product based on category. Amazon will now show you a list of related products.

How to create Amazon affiliate links - How to track Amazon affiliate links

Step 2: Browse through the products and select one. Drop down the get link button after choosing a product which is the easiest way to grab your affiliate link.

Creating Amazon affiliate links - Tracking Amazon affilate link

Step 3: The highlighted HTML affiliate link looks like the one below in which you can see your tracking ID is attached. Open the link and see whether it takes you to the right product page or not.


When logged in to your affiliate account browse Amazon store as you would normally do. Just visit on any page and at the top you will see “link to this page” option.

How to Build Affiliate links in Amazon - Track affiliate link in Amazon, wordpress

Just click on link to this page and a window popups. Now the affiliate link looks pretty messy so copy the link address from preview link.  This is another option to create your affiliate link. Also you can read this part in Amazon beginner’s guide where we mentioned about creating affiliate links.

Build Amazon affiliate links effectively in wordpress and track using EasyAzon

Hopefully you have learned to create your Amazon affiliate link / URL. This is the link that you have to use it in your website or elsewhere to promote Amazon products.

Use EasyAzon plugin to manage affiliate links

Are you only and mainly focusing on Amazon affiliate program? Then don’t waste your time creating Amazon affiliate links. Use EazyAzon which is a useful plugin for Amazon associates to create affiliate links quicker and easier. You don’t even have to visit Amazon website, just straight from your wordpress dashboard you can manage affiliate items. For more about EasyAzon plugin visit

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Tracking Amazon affiliate links

Login to your Amazon affiliate dashboard and navigate to reports. Choose the report type and select a date range to track clicks and orders. Alternatively EasyAzon lets you track all your affiliate links that you added in your site. Other than that you can use Google Analytics (only if you have associated your site) to track your Amazon affiliate IDs.

How to create Amazon affiliate link - How to track Amazon affiliate link

Hope this article helped you on creating Amazon affiliate links and tracking it. Share it and feel free to drop your comments below. Subscribe to get more updates.