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Force Blogger links (all external links) to open in a new window /tab

Links in your blog helps users to navigate and find more information. Whether it is internal links or external links, for your users and for the sake of SEO it is necessary that you add links accordingly. By adding internal links your visitors will hopefully have a look at related posts that you’ve written in

How to create Amazon affiliate links – Create, track affiliate links

Do you know that Amazon pays you for recommending products? Amazon is a trustworthy and well known company globally and there are tons of products stocked. Therefore now and then you will be sharing Amazon products to your friends, families, blog visitors etc. So why not earn credits from it? It is what bloggers do

How to Nofollow all external links in wordpress – Add rel=nofollow tag

People usually add nofollow to external links in order to maintain their page strength (page quality). Attribute rel=nofollow is just like a guard sitting in front of the gate. The guard suggests not to pass any value to the other side, when the Google bot is about to enter the gate. Many SEO communities and

How to cloak affiliate links in wordpress – Affiliate Cloaking Plugins

Instead of depending only on Google adsense, you can as well focus on affiliate programs where you can make big money. If you are a blogger then you can make serious money from affiliate marketing, but only thing you have to understand is the tactics behind affiliate marketing. One of the common tactics that most

How to create anchor links in wordpress & Blogger – Jump links

This post is all about jump links and how to create anchor links in wordpress & Blogger. So let’s start this article with useful anchor links within this post. Contents for Anchor links: What are anchor link or Jump links When & why to use anchor links How to create anchor links in wordpress WordPress

What is internal linking? 6 benefits of internal linking in SEO

Each and every blogger is thinking about getting high reputation from both search engines as well as site visitors and so focusing on providing quality content. We all know content is king when it comes to SEO. In addition to that internal linking is one of the main elements to be carried out in your

Do Follow VS No Follow links – The difference (SEO Basics)

All the sites and webpages are connected in one way or other using links. If you are a new to search engine optimization you will be hearing and hear more SEO terms and on the go you will gain more knowledge. When it comes to link building some of the common terms that reach you