Force Blogger links (all external links) to open in a new window /tab

How to make blogger links open in a new window / tab - external linksLinks in your blog helps users to navigate and find more information. Whether it is internal links or external links, for your users and for the sake of SEO it is necessary that you add links accordingly. By adding internal links your visitors will hopefully have a look at related posts that you’ve written in the past which increases page views and reduces bounce rate. On the other hand external links will only benefit your users and not you.

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Making all external links open in a new window / tab is usually a good idea because by leaving your blog open in browser, users will have the chance to return back. Here we will show you how to make links in Blogger that is all external links to open in a new window / tab.

In Blogger by default all links that is both internal and external links will open in the same window. Whenever you publish a post using composer you will usually add a link by highlighting the text and clicking on the link button. Now in there you will have the option to set link target which most fail to check. Other than that manually adding “target=_blank” in to your hyperlink will make the link open in a new window.

Make all links in Blogger to open in a new tab / window, external link

Anyhow here is the quick and simple solution that makes all links open in a new tab. So you don’t have to set link target each time when you publish a new post. This also applies to links in your previous post.

How to make all links in Blogger to open in a new window /tab

Login to your Blogger blog and in your dashboard go to Template and then click on edit HTML. Now press CTRL + F, find for <head> tag and just below the <head> tag paste the following line.

<base target=’_blank’/>

Force blogger links to open in a new window - base target, new tab external

Save template, that’s it. From now on all links in your blog will open in a new window.