How to add custom favicon in Blogger – Change default Blogger favicon

How to add custom favicon in BloggerHave you ever thought of removing that big B icon and adding your logo in your Blogger blog?  This post is for those who wish or willing to have their logo to be displayed in where the big B holds its place. You might see this icon in many sites next above to your browsers address bar, they are called favicon.

For example take a look at this site displaying logo as a favicon and mostly many sites display their logo as favicon. Before knowing how to add custom favicon in Blogger let’s see what favicon is and why to add favicon in a nutshell.

How to change favicon in Blogger - adding custom favicon

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What is favicon? Favicon is a short form of favorite icon and it is known as website icon, tab icon or URL icon with 16 X 16 pixels related to that website.

Why to add Favicon? Be like a pro and blog like a pro. In order to show your blogs identity and uniqueness you need to remove that default Blogger icon and add your custom favicon.

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How to add custom Favicon in Blogger

Adding custom favicon in Blogger is too easy. In order to change default Blogger favicon all you need is a ready made favicon of yours. You might have already created a logo for your blog. Now Go to and create a favicon and download the icon file.

How to add custom favicon in Blogger

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Now login to your Blogger dashboard and go to layout settings. At the top right corner you will see favicon widget, open it to change the Blogger favicon. Upload your favicon and save it.

how to change favicon in Blogger

That’s it now try refreshing your blog and you will see your favicon instead of Blogger favicon.

Note: For best results keep the dimensions in and never upload jpeg, PNG files for favicon.

Hope this article helped you on how to add custom favicon in Blogger. Also check other useful tutorials for Blogger.