How to backup Blogger Blog – Make complete backup of your Blogger blog

Backup Blogger blog - Complete backup of posts and imagesBackup, you all know the importance of Backup and there is not much to say. Blogger, since it is a product from Google you will never find any security issues like hacking. But, there are chances and all than depends on you and the way you are securing your Blogger account details. So having a backup of your Blogger blog is essential as well as you should have the habit of backing up your blog atleast once in a week. Here we will see how to backup Blogger blog that is making a complete backup which includes all your blog posts, images, templates as well as comments.

Google has full control and it has all the rights to delete your blog at any time and that is why you need to switch to self-hosted blogs like wordpress. Usually to prevent web spam as well as blogs that violate to Blogger TOS will be deleted by Google. So before it gets too late you have to backup your Blogger blog and by doing so you can have the copy of your hard work in your local machine which you can publish elsewhere.

Backup Blogger blog

Before we tell about making a complete backup of your Blogger blog we will see how to backup Blogger posts, images in your blog and template separately.

Blogger template Backup

At any time you might wish to make changes or edits to your Blogger template files in order to modify your blogs appearance. It is highly recommended that you backup Blogger template first, before making any changes to codes. Check out how to backup your Blogger template and restore it back.

How to backup Blogger blog images

All the images that you are using in your blog are not hosted in Blogger. You can find and access all the images that you are using in Google products such as Blogger, Google plus etc. To access it go to Google plus images and you can find all the images associated with your Blogger blog. To backup all the images go to Google Takeout and select Google plus photos, now create an archive and then download it. Here you can learn more about downloading all your data from Google.

How to Backup Blogger blog – Complete backup

On a daily basis or as a weekly routine you can make a complete backup of your blog depending upon the updates you make in your blog. From your Blogger dashboard you have the option to make complete backup that includes your blog posts, templates and images. To backup your Blogger blog login to your Blog dashboard go to settings >> other and at the top you can see blog tools click export blog and then download blog. Now you made complete backup of your Blogger blog.

Backup Blogger blog

How to Backup Blogger blog

How to backup entire Blogger account – Backup Multiple blogs

For each account you can have 100 blogs in Blogger and that is the limit for Blogger. To backup multiple Blogger blogs at once go to Google takeout and select Blogger, create archive and then download.

You consider backing up your Blogger blog as essential and more than that you should consider securing those backups. Here is some list of free online storage sites to backup your files which you can make use of.

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