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How to recover deleted Blogger blog – Restore deleted blog in Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging tool with several limits where one can create up to 100 blogs per account. Since it is free and with a limit of 100 blogs, people create as many blogs on the go for several reasons. Such peoples later find difficulties managing their Blogger account and they finally end up

How to backup Blogger Blog – Make complete backup of your Blogger blog

Backup, you all know the importance of Backup and there is not much to say. Blogger, since it is a product from Google you will never find any security issues like hacking. But, there are chances and all than depends on you and the way you are securing your Blogger account details. So having a

How to clone wordpress site to localhost – Clone wordpress site easily

You might hesitate to do some changes to your live wordpress site because you will feel that your site may get ruined after some changes that you make like adding codes and editing files (php, CSS….). For this reason you should have a clone of your live wordpress site in your local computer, so you

How to backup Blogger template and how to restore blogger template

Are you planning to make changes to your Blogger template? Good you should, because sites layout and its appearance are more important to catch your reader’s eyes. But before making changes to your Blogger template you must first backup your Blogger templates. In this post let’s see how to backup Blogger template and if anything

How to backup wordpress database and files (step by step)

As you all know backup is more necessary in order to have a copy of your hard work so that you can easily restore in case you lose your files or even your site is hacked. There are many free and paid plugins to backup your wordpress database and files, but my question is why

Best free online storage sites to backup your files

There are several advantages to store your files online. Your files remain safer, you can access your files from anywhere, sharing huge sized files becomes easy, More privacy than your local pc and so on… Here lets see what are the best free online storage sites to backup your files 1. Google Drive Google drive