How to embed SoundCloud in Blogger – Add SoundCloud track and playlist

How to embed SoundCloud in Blogger - Add SoundCloud tracks and playlistI myself spend more time in SoundCloud than Facebook because I love exploring latest EDM tunes. How about you and what’s your favorite music genre? Whatever it may be, SoundCloud is undoubtedly the ultimate place for music lovers. With 2 hours of free upload anyone can upload music, record sounds, and promote it. After reading our post on embedding media files in wordpress, a visitor asked us about embedding SoundCloud tracks in his Blogger blog. Here we will see how to embed SoundCloud in Blogger blogs.

YouTube is for video and SoundCloud is for audio. Just like YouTube and Vimeo; uploading audio files in SoundCloud is quite simple. We will also see uploading your own sounds in SoundCloud. Other than uploading tracks, SoundCloud lets you to share your own sounds or other artist tracks to social networks. As well as with more customizable options you can embed any tracks in to your blog posts. Here we will see on embedding SoundCloud audio tracks as and the entire playlists in Blogger posts. This topic will be useful for people who run their blog in music niche.

Upload your sounds to SoundCloud

Do you have an account at SoundCloud; if not then it’s simple to create one. Go to and create a new account or you can sign in using your Facebook or Google plus account.

How to embed SoundCloud in Blogger - Embedding SoundCloud tracks in blog posts

How to add or embed SoundCloud tracks and playlists in Blogger blog postsAfter the SoundCloud account setup you can start uploading your own sounds that is up to 2 hours (free space). Now click on upload from the top menu bar and record sound or choose an audio file from your computer.

Put SoundCloud sounds in Blogger - Embed SoundCloud in Blogger

Upload will take few seconds to few minutes depending upon the file size and SoundCloud supports various file formats. When upload is in process you can add title, description, tags and enter the genre for your music file. Now at the bottom click on enable widgets, by enabling this player widget you and others can embed your track anywhere on the web. Click save when you are done and your sound is now live at

Embed SoundCloud in Blogger - How to add SoundCloud musics and playlists

How to embed SoundCloud in Blogger

You can download, share or embed your own track or other artist tracks, but only if they enabled those features. Just like uploading, SoundCloud provides you with more options in order to share and embed a track.

Add and embed SoundCloud in Blogger blog posts (tracks and playlist)

Click on share button below the audio file and a screen pops out. You will see three options that is share, embed and message. Just choose embed option, now before grabbing the embed code you can choose to show artwork, auto play and you can even pick the color for the play button. Copy the iframe embed code after the player customization.

Now login to your Blogger blog, choose the blog, add new post and switch to HTML editor. Now paste the iframe embed code in to it and publish the post when you are done. The embedded SoundCloud player just looks like this.

Embedding SoundCloud playlist in Blogger

If you are running a music blog then you think about embedding the entire playlist of a particular artist. Find the playlist that you wish to embed; next below to the artist image you will see share option. Just click on share, choose embed and then embed the entire playlist just like we mentioned above.

How to embed SoundCloud to Blogger - SoundCloud tracks add, embed

Hope this helped you on how to embed SoundCloud tracks and playlist in Blogger. If it is useful then please share it and feel free to mention your music genre by commenting below. Thanks for reading, to get more tips we suggest you to subscribe our RSS feeds.