How to embed media files in wordpress (Audio & Video)

How to embed media files in wordpressFor beginners we have been posting a lots of “how to” guides for wordpress and recently we made a post on how to embed Google maps in wordpress site hope that helped out. Today we will see how to embed media files in wordpress site (Audio & Video)

This post is for beginners and so we will show you how to embed media files from external sources like YouTube and Soundcloud and not from your own computer.

How to embed YouTube videos in to wordpress site

Since YouTube is considered to be the largest video sharing site you can upload as many videos you want and embedding YouTube video is very simple.

  1. Just choose your favorite video to embed
  2. At the bottom of the video you can see share options
  3. You will see three options social sharing, embedding and Email.
  4. Select embed and you will be given a <i frame> code
  5. You can also select the video size to embed and enable suggested videos at the end.
  6. Now copy the <I frame> code and paste it in to your wordpress post “text “editor and click update.

How to embed media files in wordpress - YouTube

Now you can see your videos in wordpress post. Click play and enjoy by this way you can embed all your YouTube channel videos to wordpress site.

How to embed audio files to wordpress site (Sound Cloud)

Like YouTube Sound Cloud is considered to be the most popular audio and music sharing site and you can upload 2hrs of audio file for free. Embedding audio files from Sound Cloud is same as what you did for YouTube

  1. Pick your sound to embed
  2. Click share button below the audio player and grab the <I frame> widget code
  3. Now paste the code in your wordpress post “text” editor and update

How to embed video files in wordpress - Soundcloud

Now you can see the embedded audio player in your wordpress site. Play and enjoy.