How to make money with Amazon affiliate program – Starter Guide

How to make money with Amazon affiliate programIn addition to Google adsense promoting affiliate products is one way to make extra money from your blog which you all know. There are more affiliate programs you can promote and make money with, but what you all need is a trustworthy affiliate program. Amazon affiliate program or Amazon associates is the oldest affiliate programs and moreover it is trustworthy.

Recently we made a starter guide to making money with ClickBank. This post is for starters who wish to make money with Amazon affiliate program. Amazon is more familiar and trustworthy company where you can make money from, but before starting this guide you must know some positive and negative aspects about Amazon affiliate program.

Negative aspects:

  1. Amazon affiliate program has very low referral rate starting from 4% to 10% in average. It all depends on the product you are promoting.
  2. Amazon affiliate cookies won’t stay longer for more than 24 hours. To get commission people need to purchase within the time period.

These are the 2 main negative aspects I found in my own point of view. So with 4% commission rate you will get just 1$ when people buy a product for 40$ which is low. Next thing is “cookie” which is not a sweet cake that you eat. Cookie is some kind of reference tracking code remains in ones browser. So when your site visitors click on your affiliate link these cookies tells Amazon that you referred this customer. Usually other affiliate programs keep cookies in ones browser for more than a week, but for Amazon they allow only for 24 hours. Now let’s see some positive aspects.

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Positive aspects:

  1. Amazon is the oldest and trustworthy E-shopping company. With years of service people prefer Amazon as the safest option when buying online.
  2. Amazon has wide range of products where you can choose any products to promote relevant to your niche.
  3. Yes the commissions are low as 4%, but think of your earnings if you promote products with higher value.
  4. With wide range of product people will buy more than one product in which your commissions will add up with one referral.

Moreover Amazon has more widgets and promotional tools to easily integrate in your website.

How to make money with Amazon affiliate program

Creating affiliate account in Amazon

Go to Amazon affiliate program signup page and Join Amazon associates. Enter all your details and confirm your email. You are part of the Amazon affiliate program once your account has been approved.

Affiliates Dashboard

The first thing you will see in your affiliate dashboard is product search where you can quickly grab your affiliate links. At the bottom you can see hot news for affiliates and bestselling products to promote. On the left side you can manage all your tracking ID’s and tracking ID helps you to track the affiliate link of the product you are promoting for. The right side is your earnings summary where you can see your referral rate, clicks and conversions.

Now come to the main menu where you will find promotional tools and widgets.

First thing is “Links & banners” as we mentioned above Amazon has more advanced tools for affiliates and yes it is. Related to your site visitors you can use product links to promote the particular product as image links, text links and enhanced links (with product info).

You can send your site visitors to specific product categories by placing stylish graphical banners.

The third one is the most useful and new feature by Amazon known as site stripe where you can link to any page. You don’t need to build links from your affiliate dashboard. Site stripe can quickly and easily build affiliate links while browsing itself.

How to make money with Amazon affiliate program

Amazon widgets are interactive and rich applications that gets you Amazon functionality in your site. You can find more widgets to choose from.

Plugins for wordpress users

If you are a wordpress user you have an amazing plugin that makes easy to make money with Amazon affiliate program. You can create affiliate links straight from your wordpress dashboard which saves you more time. “More time is more money” Get Easy Azon plugin and start making money with Amazon affiliate program.

How to make money with Amazon affiliate program – Promoting products

Affiliate earnings are not like ClickBank. In ClickBank you have the chance to promote only one product with single hoplink. In Amazon with single affiliate link you can make money with any products. So you are promoting a product let’s say Nikon D5000 in your site, when a visitor clicks on that link and buys Nikon D5000 or any products other than camera you will still earn commission.

To make money with Amazon affiliate program you need to focus on promoting products related to your topic or site.

aStore for Amazon affiliates

You must try aStore which is another great feature for Amazon associates. Without any programming skills you can build an e-store full of Amazon affiliate products which can be embedded in your site. So if you are willing to promote more products this will be more helpful.

Don’t promote all the products under one website in order to make money with Amazon affiliate program, instead have a niche domain and promote products related to that domain. This helps in SEO and drives organic traffic from search results.

Moreover you need to spend more time and work to make money with Amazon affiliate program. All you need to make money with Amazon affiliate program is by driving traffic to your site and traffic is what everyone needs to make money online.

Work more, gain more knowledge and play good. You will one day get succeeded with Affiliate programs. Good Luck.

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