List of Google adsense alternatives for publishers

Google adsense alternativesSome bloggers blog for their hobby and some blog as a full or part time cash making domain, whatever it may be a blog or website it should generate some descent revenue.

Google has two types of publishers one who receive constant cheque’s and others don’t and there are some who don’t even get approval from Google Adsense or they might be get banned as they have a strict rules and regulations. Tired! Don’t worry here comes the list of Google adsense alternatives.

1. Chitika   List of Google adsense alternatives - Chitika

Chitika ads are more relevant to Google adsense in terms of search related targeted ads in your website for site visitors. Users can also control their ads. Minimum payout is 10$ for Paypal and 50$ for a cheque request. Currently it holds two programs professional and enterprise, but enterprise is for site that can generate more than $1m/year in ads.

Ad types: Text and image ads

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2. Buy Sell Ads  List of Google adsense alternatives - BuySellAds

People Who wants to monetize their blog or website this buy sell ads is an right choice. This site connects publishers and advertisers directly. Publishers can easily gain access to 1000 s of advertisers in their marketplace and can earn 75% of revenue through BSA.

It has two types of publisher programs one is normal publisher who can generate(1000$ to 200,000$) per month and the other one is for Media Companies.

Ad types : Image and Text ads

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3. Clicksor  List of Google adsense alternatives - Clicksor

It is contextual advertising that generates ads related to your site content. You can get immediate site approval from Cliksor and the minimum payout is 50$ through Paypal or cheque.

Ad types: In line text links, Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-unders, Interistical ads(videos)

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4. Kontera  List of Google adsense alternatives - Kontera

Kontera offers only inline text ads that are related to your content. It takes a single word or a word phrase in to a ad in your site content that is relative to advertisers and these ads are  100% user initiated People see ads only when they mouse over the links. Minimum payout is 50$

Ad types: In line text links

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5. Infolinks    List of Google adsense alternatives - Infolinks

Infolinks is also an best pay per click advertising program similar to kontera. Infolinks drives revenue for publishers by delivering intent-based ads in non-traditional web places. You can earn descent amount of money with infolinks.

Ad types: In-text, In-frame, In-search, In-tag.

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6. Tribal Fusion   List of Google adsense alternatives - Tribal fusion

First in order to join Tribal Fusion you must have a minimum of 500,000 unique users per month, Users can control ads based on category. It pays you 55% of all revenue, once you generated 50$ it sends an cheque and the payout time for Tribal Fusion is 45 days.

Ad types: Banners (audio, video ,text)

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