How to make money from online – Make use of

There are several topics and discussion posted day by day around the web on how to make money from online, but this post is for people who needs the topic to be explained in a different and elaborated way. Internet is the biggest network in the globe which connects all types of people from students, entrepreneurs, private, public to government sectors.

Weather you need to make money for your daily expense, a part time job as a student, full time entrepreneur or even large scale How to make money from online - Make use ofcompany there are unlimited ways(no limit) you can make money online. Your imagination, creativity and dedication is the main thing you should abide to get success online. Here are some of my own ideas to make money online, take a look at it.

Some simple ways on how to make money from online

Make money from your blog

Most people around internet earn money from writing blogs, you too can!.

1. Book a domain name in specific niche that you are skillful. If you are a new blogger and don’t want to spend money then there are several free alternative to stick by. In blogger and wordpress you can have your free name registered.

2. Start blogging in what you are skillful. “Keep one thing in mind – don’t blog for money”. Provide useful unique stuffs in your blog so that people come visit, like and share and so it gets popular. Practices should be avoided – Never even copy from other blogs.

3. Apply for Google adsense and follow the steps to show ads in your blog. Start making money as traffic starts coming ( more traffic – more money).

4. Apply for affiliate programs. Sell their products, services and earn commission. There are tons of websites providing affiliate programs some are Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, Commission junction.

If you are going to book a domain of your own and start your career in blogging then wordpress is the best option. Have a look at this post for a complete guide to wordpress basics.

Make money with your skills

You can make money of your own by promoting your skills online and there are several sites that paying you for your skills. Many people including you will be expert in some field like designing, developing, writing, Programming and all freelancing services, you can also tutor people what you know. Here is the list of few sites that pays you.

1. – Create your ad and promote your skills directly with people.
2. – This site connects people of different skills for 5$
3. – Help people by tutorials and get paid.
4. – Similar to fiverr, but here you can make money from 5$ to 10$
5. – you can post your freelancing skills and earn money.

Make money with SEO(search engine optimization)

If your are a expert in SEO, then rank your websites for that keywords and promote your service, so that people and even big companies gains your SEO services and pays you.

1. Book a niche domain.
2. Do keyword research which has high searches.
3. Work for that niche keyword.
4. Rank for that niche keyword and then sell your website. is the best place for buying and selling websites, you can also sell your website to people locally if you are offline marketing expert.

Here is the post about Basic SEO Strategy

Start your online store (E-commerce)

As I told in the beginning internet is the biggest global network you can sell & promote your products and service worldwide. If you owe a shop offline and want to sell your products globally then open up a e-store and sell it. You can also use some of the popular e-stores like Amazon and Ebay….

Comment and share more of your own ideas on how to make money from online, so that folks come here find it useful.