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Complete guide to wordpress basicsAre you a new blogger in the digital era? then for a complete guide to wordpress basics you should read this article. Why you have to choose wordpress? when there are lots of open source CMS(Content Management System). You know why because wordpress is free and widely used blogging platform and it  has many features. It is easy to install, customize and to use.

As a beginner you will be needing all the single steps to be explained briefly. What ?this is a complete guide to wordpress basics? Yes but I am not going to do that in this single article. As it is lot to tell you will just learn the features and navigation of wordpress in this post, so you can understand what is what.

WordPress Front-end

Here in the image below you can see the site structure. This type applies to most of the sites not only for wordpress sites.

wordpress beginners guide

  • Header – Here comes your site logo along with tagline, next is header menu for your page navigation.
  • Content area – All your post and page content goes here.
  • Sidebar – You can place all your widgets here.
  • Footer – This place is for copyright content and for footer widgets.

WordPress Back-end (editing & managing your site)

  • Dashboard – In dashboard you can see wordpress welcome message and a short detail about your site (number of pages, posts, category & comments)
  • Posts – Publish, edit & delete all your blog posts and category.
  • Media – In media library you can add your images and other media files
  • Pages – Same as posts add, edit & delete all your pages. Here is the guide for adding post & pages
  • Comments – You can see your approved and pending comments.
  • Appearance

guide to wordpress basicsHere it comes ! In appearance you can totally change the look and feel of your site.

Themes – In appearance 1st thing you will be seeing is themes here you can Install and manage your themes.
Widgets – This place is unlimited you can place anything you want in your widgets like calendar, Ads, images, pages, categories, plugins.
Menus – Add your custom menus with pages and categories. Brief about themes, widgets & menus
Header & background – This option’s will preview your header and background. You can change Site’s logo and background by selecting an image and has the feature of changing colors.
Editor – This part is only for intermediate’s and pro’s and not for beginners. It contains all PHP files and CSS

  • Plugins –  Add, delete & manage your plugins. Here is the Guide to install plugin for beginners explained.
  • Users – Manage your profile. Add, edit and delete users. Set privileges for users only administrator can do that.
  • Settings – Manage your site title, tagline, e-mail for user notification and in-case you forget your password, blog settings, comment/media settings and your site’s URL structure.

In this complete guide to wordpress basics you have found some helpful related links. Make use of that so you can get a complete idea on wordpress.