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Splitting a long blog post in Blogger into multiple pages

After publishing this article on splitting wordpress posts into multiple pages few folks asked us about doing it in Blogger that is to split long blog post into multiple pages in Blogger. Splitting posts in wordpress is very simple and there are many plugins to achieve this, but how it’s done in Blogger. In Blogger

How to split long wordpress post or page into multiple pages

Content really is a king and Google loves articles that are covered in depth. Usually long posts perform well on search engines than the shorter ones. Also with greater word count you can go in more detail and add lots of information for your visitors on that particular topic. But the fact is only few

WordPress: Limit / Change number of posts in archive pages /category

Recently a visitor asked us how to change the number of posts per page in wordpress. We simply suggested him to change the number of posts in reading settings, but actually he didn’t mean it. He wished to change the number of posts displayed only on category pages and not on home page or any

How to hide a blog post in Blogger – Hide certain posts from homepage

At times very rarely you might think about hiding a blog post from your homepage. Let us assume that you are publishing an irrelevant material in your blog and that is to verify Technorati claim token. This becomes needless for your visitors, so just after verifying you are deciding to hide that post from your

How to highlight text in Blogger – Text background color in Blogger

Once we posted a trick about changing the text selection color in Blogger. When someone highlights a portion of text they will see the highlighted color which you can customize using CSS. What if you wish to make a text or sentence highlighted in your blog post or page? You can show important words or

How to embed Facebook videos in your website – WordPress and Blogger

We have shared the importance of both article marketing as well as video marketing. When compared to texts and images, videos are really great in conveying a message. It transmits message quicker than words and smarter than images. Today there is not even a single online business without a Facebook fan page where then can

Adding .html or .php to the end of wordpress URL (posts and pages)

Have you ever wondered how some wordpress sites have .html or .Php at the end of their URL? Blogging platforms like Blogger and Weebly will have .html at the end of the post URL. There are even some Content Management Systems in which its URLs end with .php.  Wordpress has many features and its resources