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Finding category ID, tag ID, post ID, comment & user ID in wordpress

Are you in need of finding your wordpress category ID, tag ID, post ID, page ID, comments ID or user ID. At some cases you will need these IDs especially when working on your wordpress menus and widgets in order to add or omit several categories, pages etc. Here in this post we will see

How to add related posts to Blogger – Related posts widget for Blogger

Blogging is a one nice way to help peoples. Do you agree? Yes, then why don’t you help them more by showing and linking to one of your related posts? We once mentioned in one of our posts about internal linking that helps to keep your site visitors to stay for a long time. In

Having a SEO friendly URL structure is a well optimized site

We all know the basic concept of SEO is doing a keyword research, on page SEO factors (content optimization) and off-page SEO factors (building backlinks). Besides there is more you should know to rank your site in search engines and one that impair your rankings is poor URL structure (on-page SEO factor). Usually all your

Creating pages and adding menu tabs in Blogger blog

Recently we posted an article on beginners guide to blogging with Blogger, but what you might ask is, haven’t you explained about creating pages and menu tabs on that beginners guide? Yes, we explained about creating pages but that is not much detailed. So in this post you will learn about creating pages and adding

Importance of page speed for SEO – Optimize your pages

You might think that a websites quality and design is enough to attract a site visitor, yes that’s right. But moreover quality and design your webpage speed is more important that determines a visitor whether to stay or not. Learn some importance of page speed and optimize your pages in a right way. [quote]Don’t lose

Don’t get confused with posts and pages in wordpress

This article is for beginners who are confused with posts and pages in wordpress. You will have a doubt that both post and pages have same field, then why should i use both. Yes they are both same when it comes to look and feel ( theme & content), but there is more difference with

Complete guide to wordpress basics – WordPress made easy

Are you a new blogger in the digital era? then for a complete guide to wordpress basics you should read this article. Why you have to choose wordpress? when there are lots of open source CMS(Content Management System). You know why because wordpress is free and widely used blogging platform and it  has many features.