Importance of page speed for SEO – Optimize your pages

Importance of page speed for SEOYou might think that a websites quality and design is enough to attract a site visitor, yes that’s right. But moreover quality and design your webpage speed is more important that determines a visitor whether to stay or not. Learn some importance of page speed and optimize your pages in a right way.

[quote]Don’t lose your site visitors by making them wait[/quote]

Have you ever thought of optimizing your webpage for a mobile device? There are visitors who will be viewing your webpages on handy gadgets. They just go back and find some other websites if your website loads for a long time; this is in human part of view.

Importance of page speed for SEOWhat about search engines and crawlers? It applies the same to crawlers also. There are chances to skip your website if it takes too long to respond and that impacts your site index rate in search engines. Your websites initial load time is considered to be one of the many important ranking factors for SEO.

If you have a question on does page speed impacts SEO? watch this video below

How fast is my website?

Technically you can’t analyze a site speed by your own. You might experience that your website loads very fast, but not everywhere. The fact is it shows the cached content of your website.

There are several services that show how speed is your website and what to optimize to speed up your website. Use the three services below to find your page speed.

Some simple tips to speed up your web page

Optimize your media files – Media files tend to suck most of the time in loading a website better option is to compress your images when uploading. Use to compress your PNG files which drastically reduces the PNG file size without losing the quality of the image.

Minify JavaScript and CSS – Reducing JavaScript and CSS helps lowers execution time and improves download speed.

Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks – There is no big use of pingback and trackbacks in SEO, so better turn it off.

Delete all spam comments – Spam comments can occupy more space and so delete that.

Now you got some importance of page speed, optimizing your pages can help you to increase your page speed. For wordpress users we will be posting a detailed article on how to speed up your wordpress site soon.