How to analyze your SEO competitors – Analyze execute and rank

How to analyze your SEO competitorsEach and every business (online & offline) has some heavy competition to achieve success. When it comes to internet marketing; SEO is one of the key factors to consider which you know, we know and your competitors know too. This post helps you on how to analyze your SEO competitors in a right way.

You are trying to achieve and rank your website in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for high competitive keyword that you wish and your competitors show up in search results might be little frustrating. Analyzing your competitors in a right way can help you achieve your website rank high in SERPs.

How to analyze your SEO competitors in a right way

List out all your competitors

Before analyzing, first you must find out and list who your real competitors are? How to find your competitors? It’s easy if you own a local business, you will have a great idea of your competitors as they lie somewhere close to your city. Just list some of their websites that you wish to compete.

How to analyze your SEO competitors

Now you need to find out your rivals who rank high on search engines for specific keyword that you are targeting. Type your targeted niche keywords in search engines (Google, Bing) and pick the top 5 websites as they are your real rivals that you are going to play the SEO game.

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How to analyze your SEO competitors – On page SEO factors

1. Analyze the competitors keywords

How to analyze your SEO competitors - Keywords analysis Picking up a right keyword is an important factor. You may be targeting for a specific keyword, but your competitors may additionally targeting for some other keywords and get more business than you. So how do you check your competitors keywords? Find keywords that are stuffed in their body content and also you can use some of the keyword research tools to analyze the keywords.

2. Inspect your competitors website

Take a close look at your competitors website that you have listed out. Presentation and quality matters; check their sites look and feel whether it is easy to navigate all pages and links, Check the quality of their content, Find out the type of pages they use (static and dynamic blog pages). This process will help you enhance you site presentation by comparing your competitors.

How to analyze your SEO competitors – Off page factors

1. Analyze your competitors backlinks

How to analyze your SEO competitors - Analyze backlinksYou all know backlinks leads to a successful SEO. Analyze and compare the number, quality and the source of the backlinks that your competitors have which you lack. Get backlinks from sites where your competitors get and use the anchor text as a keyword for the backlinks you get. This post helps you to build backlinks the right way. We recommend Internet Business Promoter which is a complete SEO software that easily helps you to find your competitors backlinks.

2. Analyze their social profiles

Moreover enhancing business from your site directly , social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to say can greatly help you in getting more targeted traffic so try to keep you profile rich in social networks. Analyze your competitors social presence by checking the number of likes, followers and post also look at the bookmark sites that they get backlinks from.

3. Find out their advertisement activities

Try to find out your competitors ad networks that they are using to promote their website and improve your ads by comparing with your competitors which gets even more rich traffic to your site. We recommend you to use Google Adwords which can compare the performance of your competitors ads with yours.

Also try to analyze other SEO factors like page rank of their website, number of indexed pages and how your competitors performing in other search engines. By Analyzing and implementing all the above mentioned methods you can overcome your competitors in search results.

So now you got an idea on how to analyze your SEO competitors. Analyzing manually can be really time consuming, try Internet Business Promoter which does all the SEO process and helps you greatly improve your business.