List of free keyword research tools for SEO and SEM

List of keyword research tools for SEOKeyword research is one of the main factors in search engine marketing and the very first step to carry out in the process of Search Engine Optimization is keyword researching.

Internet marketing lies mainly with search engines, visitors search for a keyword and pick up a website that is listed in the top 10. Picking up a right keyword brings you targeted traffic to your site that will boost your business right away.

So you got the point! Manual keyword research is impossible, time consuming and worthless, so how to pick a right keyword for your business? All you need is a tool and here is the list of free keyword research tools for SEO.

Google Adwords keyword tool (keyword planner)

Now Google keyword tool is changed to Google keyword planner that has more advanced feature than the older version. This tool is mainly developed to help adsense advertisers and it can be used for the purpose of SEO.

It analyses the information and generates keyword ideas. Just type in your keyword and select the location you are targeting and get keyword ideas. It shows the number of monthly searches, keyword competition and average CPC (cost per click) which is for adsense advertisers. There are more other options like entering multiple keywords, upload your list of keywords, keyword filters and so on.

List of free keyword research tools for SEO - Google keyword planner

Google Trends

Google Trends is not much effective when compared to Google keyword planner, but it helps you in one way or other to find your keywords. Google trends show the top 10 hottest searches day to day by country wise.

Just type the keyword in the search box it shows the search results in a graph that helps you in picking up a right keyword and also you can limit your search by country, category and yearly wise. It also has the option for web, image, news, product and YouTube searches. There is one more new feature called Top charts that is only for United States, more countries might be coming soon.

List of free keyword research tools for SEO - Google Trends


SEMrush is a professional online tool for search marketing. This greatly helps you in discovering your competitor’s keywords that they are using and can see the complete overview of any site. You can get a list of Google, Bing and adsense keyword for any site, Investigate long tail keywords, Check backlinks to any site and even more…

List of free keyword research tools for SEO - SEMrush


Wordtracker is a free tool for keyword researching; it helps search engine marketers and website owners to identify the keyword that is relevant to your competitors based on the query typed in search engines. It can show daily search results and can generate up to 100 keywords.

List of free keyword research tools for SEO - Wordtracker

SEO book keyword tool

It offers a rough suggestion on daily basis for a particular keyword that is queried in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. It also gets resource from various databases like Google Blog search, and that lets you know that whether people making a hot search on that topic or not. SEO book Keyword tool.


Wordpot shows the list of keywords related to your result that is searched exactly and daily. It’s just basic, but if you need more features go to paid version.

List of free keyword research tools for SEO - Wordpot


Soolve is simple effective tool that shows keyword suggestions from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Also it shows keyword suggestions from YouTube,, Wikipedia and Amazon.

List of free keyword research tools for SEO - Soovle

Good Keywords

It is downloadable keyword and competition research software for windows which gets suggestions from Google keyword tool. You can Import keyword CSV files from Google Keyword Tool to your local hard disk that will be easy to organize and manage your keyword lists.

List of free keyword research tools for SEO - Good keywords

There are still more free keyword research tools, but not much worth as this list.