Importance of article marketing for a successful SEO

Importance of article marketing for a successful SEOAre you a new entrepreneur  to online then you must know the importance of article marketing for a successful SEO. Search engines algorithm may change from time to time which leads to fluctuate your rankings in search results, anyway whatever it may be and however it may be all your articles around the web is going to give hands for your successful business.

Do you or your business need high exposure online? Then article marketing can help you. Internet is mostly filled with rich contents that helps people, explores people and promotes peoples business. One main factor that most business gets success online is through content marketing.

So what is article marketing?

Publishing text rich content all over the web portals (including yours) that tends to drive traffic to your website by means of backlinks or by search results (SEO) which in turn promotes your products and service is well known as article marketing.

There are four types of article marketing

  1. Posting in your own site and related sites (guest blogging)
  2. Writing press releases
  3. Submitting your articles to directories
  4. Sending newsletters (only if you have large number of subscriber)

So how does article marketing helps in SEO?

The very first point is you drive traffic – Once you publish your articles in any one of the above mentioned four methods you get readers in that related niche and if your article is unique and good then your readers turn to your fans and in turn they share your products and services publicly and so you drive targeted traffic.

Quality Article = Good Reputation = More Business

Second is you get Backlinks – However the algorithms may change one thing that doesn’t downs your SEO is by having high PR backlinks pointing to your site. Even your site gets more authority from search engines if you have backlinks from related websites (guest blogging) and also the post shared by your readers turn to be a backlink that directs your site.

More Backlinks = Targeted Traffic = More Business

Now you are more aware with the importance of article marketing, so what’s next – Keep writing and posting which helps generate more cash online and try not to spam around internet. We will be posting more about Internet Marketing and SEO in order to get the latest updates please subscribe.