How to pick the right keywords for SEO – Get specific and get found

How to pick the right keywords for SEOAs you all know choosing keywords is the very first step to carry out in SEO. Whether it is organic search (SEO) or paid search (PPC) keyword matters in order to drive targeted traffic to you website. Picking right keywords can even get your business to the peak. This post helps you how to pick the right keywords for SEO.

Analyze yourself the best keywords

How to pick the right keywords for SEOSounds weird! Not really. Before explaining the other strategies to choose right keyword the first thing is to better analyze the best keywords by your own. Keyword relevance is more important therefore analyze the best keyword that really suits your business. By doing this you should get satisfied that you can drive quality traffic to your website for that keyword.

Long Tail Keywords

The magic formula for an effective SEO is choosing long tail keywords. Long tail keywords brings you less traffic when compared to short irrelevant keywords, but it can bring you targeted traffic which is more important than a useless high traffic that doesn’t have nothing to do for your business.

How to choose long tail keywords? Best example is “Dog Training” this key word is way too general and hard to dominate in search result, sites like Wikipedia and other web portals with high PR (page rank) and more authority dominate this searches rather choose a key word like this “how to easily train a dog for search and rescue” which has some relevance and bring targeted traffic to your sites.

How to pick the right keywords for SEO - long tail keywords

Location based keywords

The next thing to consider is to choose keywords with location based. You may have your business in different locations pick up each keyword for each location that will get you right people from right place. Let’s say you are a pest control company In Austin then pick a keyword like this “best pest control company in Austin Texas”

[box style=”light-blue note rounded” ]Relevance + long tail keywords + location based keywords = Easy SEO and Targeted business[/box]

Keyword Research

Moreover these methods, In order to pick right keyword with low competition and high searches you will need to do some research. Try Auto complete Google suggest which will suggest you a list of keywords searched more often. Also take a look at this post that has a list of free keyword research tool which will greatly help you in picking up a right keyword.

Good luck for a successful SEO.