Importance of Feedburner for SEO – Burn your RSS feeds

Before knowing the importance of Feedburner for SEO, let’s know Feedburner and RSS feeds in a nutshell.

What is Feedburner?

Importance of Feedburner for SEOFeedburner is a free service by Google that provides easy feed management and custom RSS feeds for your blog which gives more easy visibility than your normal RSS feeds to your visitors.

What is RSS feeds?

RSS is known as Rich Site Summary (Really Simple Syndication) which shows all the latest updates of a blog and website in an xml format. You can find your blogs RSS feeds like only if your sites permalink structure is search engine friendly.

Why use Feedburner rather than normal RSS feeds?

So you now understood the difference between RSS feeds and Feedburner. Majority of blogs use Feedburner to burn their RSS as it has more features than your default RSS feeds like analyzing feeds, optimizing feeds and more option to publicize your feeds.

Users can subscribe to your feeds and can easily take a look at your new posts and get latest updates directly delivered to their e-mail day by day once they subscribe.

Importance of Feedburner for SEO

Some of the advantages of Feedburner are as follows

  1. Burn multiple blog feeds with one account
  2. Get complete statistics of you feed subscribers
  3. Customize and optimize your feeds
  4. You can give more options to your subscribers like reading service(My yahoo, netvibes, pageflakes, bloglines) and e-mail subscription
  5. Automatic ping service for you latest feeds
  6. You can integrate your Google adsense and even more

Importance of Feedburner for SEO

Feedburner for SEO

Feedburner doesn’t have a drastic effect for SEO, but it can help you in some way for boosting your blogs traffic. High subscribers to your blog feeds shows the sites popularity and drive more traffic day by day and that’s plays an effective role in SEO.

Moreover sharing and syndicating your posts, Feedburner exposes your feeds and so all your blog posts might get easily crawled and indexed in search results.

So what you are waiting for? Start burning your Feeds using Feedburner.