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Guide to setup Feedburner for Blogger – Syndicate Blogger RSS feeds

For wordpress users we have posted an easy guide to setup Feedburner in wordpress. What we thought is to make a post for BlogSpot users and so here we will see how to setup Feedburner for Blogger. Before we get in to this topic here are some useful articles about Feedburner which you can go through.

How to find Feedburner subscribers count for any particular feed

Feedburner is the most popular service to manage your feeds. Each and every website use Feedburner in order to burn their RSS feeds. It has more features for you; also your subscribers will have variety of readers to choose from. We have some useful articles for you about Feedburner such as importance of Feedburner for

How to fix Feedburner feeds not updating issue in wordpress

We have discussed more about Feedburner on how to setup Feedburner feeds for wordpress and the importance of Feedburner for SEO.  For verifying Technorati claim token a few days back when we checked our Feedburner feed it seemed like our feeds were not updated for several posts and it gave as a big shock. After

Importance of Feedburner for SEO – Burn your RSS feeds

Before knowing the importance of Feedburner for SEO, let’s know Feedburner and RSS feeds in a nutshell. What is Feedburner? Feedburner is a free service by Google that provides easy feed management and custom RSS feeds for your blog which gives more easy visibility than your normal RSS feeds to your visitors. What is RSS