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How to fix Feedburner feed double titles issue – Quick tip

Most of the wordpress users syndicate their RSS feeds using Feedburner. For those who do not know, Feedburner is a service that delivers your recent blog posts via email to your subscribers. Have you ever seen your Feedburner subscriber stats count jumping up and down, it goes crazy at times and it is a glitch!

How to setup Feedburner feeds for wordpress

If you are following Blog Time Now you might noticed that we have discussed an article about the difference between RSS and Feedburner feeds and the importance of Feedburner for SEO. In this article we are going to see how to setup Feedburner feeds for wordpress and how to redirect your default wordpress RSS to

Importance of Feedburner for SEO – Burn your RSS feeds

Before knowing the importance of Feedburner for SEO, let’s know Feedburner and RSS feeds in a nutshell. What is Feedburner? Feedburner is a free service by Google that provides easy feed management and custom RSS feeds for your blog which gives more easy visibility than your normal RSS feeds to your visitors. What is RSS