Google PageRank and Alexa rank – Which one to consider

The main goal of any site is to get more targeted traffic and rank well on search engines and this is all about SEO. So each and every day you are learning and gathering more knowledge about search engine optimization. On the go you will hear more SEO terms and strategies. The one that is more concerned among you, me and webmasters is Google PageRank and Alexa rank.

To check the popularity of a site and to make sure the sites are performing well on search engines we should be keener with Google PageRank and Alexa rank. Let’s see what Google PageRank and Alexa rank is, tips to improve Google PageRank and Alexa rank and its importance in SEO.

What is Google PageRank? (Page authority)

Google PageRank and Alexa rankGoogle PageRank was named after Google CEO Larry page. This algorithm is used to measure the importance of webpages (not websites) and it depends on how many quality backlinks pointing to the webpage. Google PageRank is measured between 0 to 10 where 0 is the least and 10 is the highest PageRank for a web page.

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What is Alexa rank? (Domain popularity)

Google PageRank and Alexa rankAlexa rank is determined by the web information company Alexa. While Google measures webpages, Alexa measures the rank of the websites (domain popularity). Alexa rank is calculated based on page views and number of average daily visitors (traffic) to that domain. So the domain that gets the highest combination of traffic and page views is ranked number 1 and the count goes on.

SEO concept – Google PageRank and Alexa rank

Google PageRank uses a concept of SEO, but Alexa rank doesn’t. Having quality backlinks pointing to a webpage helps that page to perform well on search engines and that is what Google measures. While Alexa shows the popularity of a website that is estimated traffic to the site worldwide.

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Don’t worry if your site is PR 0, it’s not that your site is going to rank in search engines and having good Alexa rank doesn’t going to boost your SEO. Both are just analytics to your website (Authority and Traffic).

Tips to get Google PageRank and Alexa rank

Content is a king and so start posting quality contents and keep your blog updated daily. When you update your blog frequently you will receive returning visitors and that is how you improve traffic. All your content needs some authority so get high quality backlinks which you will get automatically from readers if your content is good. Getting high quality backlinks also improves traffic to your blog.

Note: You won’t get Google PageRank and Alexa rank if your blog is new. So wait for three months and keep updating daily.


To portray a success of a website both Google PageRank and Alexa rank are important. So try to concentrate on both and try to get your Alexa rank less in numbers and Google PageRank the higher.