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How to create and add Alexa ranking widget in your website or blog

The two main factors that decides your website’s popularity is Alexa rank and Google Page rank which we have discussed earlier. Alexa shows the information for every websites globally, so adding your website details in Alexa is a good idea. Just a few posts back we have discussed that too about claiming and submitting your

How to submit and claim your website in Alexa – Alexa site submit

If you are a webmaster then you must know certain things about your website. In order to take you site to the next level you must keep up with the latest trends and that can be attained only after several analysis. By analyzing the traffic data and understanding your site visitors you will come to

Google PageRank and Alexa rank – Which one to consider

The main goal of any site is to get more targeted traffic and rank well on search engines and this is all about SEO. So each and every day you are learning and gathering more knowledge about search engine optimization. On the go you will hear more SEO terms and strategies. The one that is

Meta tag verification for Google, Bing and Alexa

Know your websites statistics and performance in web using Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools and Alexa and in order to show the statistics of your site Google, Bing and Alexa needs to verify your website. We have discussed a lot about How to use Google webmaster tools effectively for SEO. All the three have