SEO tricks to avoid being banned by Google

SEO tricks to avoid ? No these are some nasty SEO blackhat methods to avoid getting banned by Google. Optimize your site in a whitehat SEO tricks to avoid being banned by Googlemanner(ethical SEO) – keyword research, Meta tags, build backlinks like a human not with some one click software’s. Since Google finds easily and doesn’t likes sites that do black-hat tricks.

Once you begin a website with some niche domains, you will learn some SEO tricks and start implementing your SEO process, by that time your brain thinks differently to do some nasty SEO tricks in order to quickly dominate Google SERPs, but these tricks worked in earlier 2000’s not now. By doing these black hat methods your site can get sandboxed or even it can get banned from Google index.

SEO tricks to avoid being banned by Google

1. Duplicate Content

Don’t violate to copyrights by stealing content from some other websites. Still many beginners think blogging is sharing (right but in a SEO tricks to avoid being banned by Googlewrong way) and so stealing content from others and posting it in their websites and blogs which is of no use when it comes to SEO. If you like to share then do it in social networks so that the credit goes to the real content author.

Don’t copy from your own site ! it means duplicating your content to many pages to increase the pages views which is also no good.

2. Cloaking

Cloaking is an one of a old style SEO tricks to avoid. Don’t try to provide content separately for search engines and visitors. The process of designing and programming a webpage for search engines which visitors see it differently is called cloaking.

Lets say your page is full of ads and more affiliate links rather than useful content which search engines doesn’t likes so you are tricking the bots by showing useful relevant content in your page to get high results in SERPs but the user see only ads and affiliate links.

3. Keyword Stuffing

This is one big mistake for SEO what most people still doing. People who are in beginner stage of Search Engine Optimization do this mistake, thinking that they are optimizing for a specific keyword and stuffing too many keywords in their content that is not relevant which is no use for visitors and Google Bot doesn’t like that too.

4. Hidden Text

Text that are hidden from visitors by giving some CSS color effects in webpages. This is also one kind of keyword stuffing to optimize the webpages for specific keywords but the visitors sees some relevant content in the site.

5. Spammy Backlinks

Get backlinks organically to your website or get backlinks manually in a slow process never even spam more backlinks in a single day with the help of software’s. Don’t participate in Link farms that providing link offers (Get 1000 high pr backlinks for 50$). Learn how to build backlinks the right way

6. Malware & Trojans

This is not a process of SEO, but in case if your site contains any malware files that is spreading over the internet without the knowledge of you Google finds it easily and ban your site from index. So check your website for any Trojans in it and keep your server secure from hacker who spread these Trojans.

In order to get high rankings in search engine first you must stop doing all these old school SEO practices.