What are Long tail keywords and why to use long tail keywords for SEO?

Long tail keywords for SEOBefore starting a SEO campaign for your website the first thing you must do is keyword research and you must know how to pick the right keywords for SEO.  Google with its new algorithm (Hummingbird algorithm) focuses on providing users the most useful and relevant content on the web according to their search quires. These days’ people also using voice search in Google and they are searching their needs using long tail keywords. People use long tail keywords in order to narrow down the appropriate results so optimize your site using long tail keywords which increases your search traffic.

Since the big G came we all trashed those old school way of finding answers (Dictionary & encyclopedia). Google is becoming more users friendly and it is considered to be the ultimate place to find all our answers. It provides the right information at right time like weather, news, sports updates, traffic condition and more all that is happening live around the world. Just search the weather condition for your area in Google now or try 1$ = how many euro.

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Long tail keywords for SEO

Whatever it may be, people are going to ask Google and it will give them the suitable results. Web is getting more competitive and the only way to get organic search traffic is by optimizing your site for long tail keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

A long tail keyword is a key phrase that contains three or more words in which people use to find the most appropriate answers. Long tail keywords have less competition and they are more relevant and considered to be less popular due to its search volume. Long tail keywords are more specific to user related queries. Take these two examples for long tail keyword “what are the steps to take when buying a home” and “how to keep the house clean and tidy”

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Why to use long tail keywords for SEO?

There are three benefits and suitable reason for you to use long tail keywords for SEO.

Long tail keywords are less competitive

Yes it is! To get organic search traffic to your site long tail keywords are important and those keywords are easy to rank than normal keywords. Just Google your target keyword and analyze the keyword competition.

Long tail keywords for SEO

Long Tail keywords for SEO

Take these two examples that show the keyword competition for long tail keywords. The keyword keyless remote for Chevy has 4,250,000 search results in which Google includes the search term Chevy, keyless remote and keyless remote for other models. When we make an exact search using quotes the results are just 92,800 that is only these many pages having the exact keyword.

Reach your targeted audience using long tail keywords

It’s not about getting traffic; it’s all about getting targeted traffic.

People use two worded short keywords for just informative purpose. For example a user querying “Apple computers” in Google is to know all about Apple and its products which are just informational. Ranking for this keyword is a real waste of time and it is impossible because Apple, Wikipedia and other high PR sites dominate those pages. While a user willing to buy a product online he/she searches like this “Apple mac book pro charger best buy” which is somehow easy to rank and this guy is going to convert sales.

Long tail keywords are relevant

When user querying in search box using long tail keywords they will get the most relevant results also Google will sort out the most relevant results for people.


Since when the voice search came in typing in search box become and becoming less. We all talk to our mobiles seeking answers and the search queries are most probably going to be a long tail keyword. It’s better and easy to rank for 100 long tail keywords rather than 1 short keyword which is of no use. So try to rank and show more importance for long tail keywords.