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How to embed Facebook videos in website - Embed Facebook video wordpress BloggerWe have shared the importance of both article marketing as well as video marketing. When compared to texts and images, videos are really great in conveying a message. It transmits message quicker than words and smarter than images.

Today there is not even a single online business without a Facebook fan page where then can interact with their loyal fans. You can convey your message to your fans through texts, images and videos. Just like YouTube, Facebook lets you to add (upload) videos and share it, but only within the Facebook environment.

If you found any Facebook videos to be worth sharing then you can share it in your timeline, to your page or as a private message that is all within Facebook. Currently Facebook doesn’t offer an option to embed Facebook videos separately, but you can embed videos by embedding the whole post. Embedding the whole post for the sake of the video is not that cool. Here we will see how to embed Facebook videos in your website (sharing Facebook videos to external websites). We will cover both wordpress as well as Blogger.

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How to embed Facebook videos in website

Let’s say you want to embed your own Facebook video or you just found an interesting video that you would like to share it in your blog. To do so you don’t need to embed the entire post. Also by using this trick, people who are not logged in and don’t have a Facebook account can still watch Facebook videos from your website. Here is the trick.

Each and every videos uploaded to Facebook servers will have a unique identification number and you can see that in your browser’s address bar. The ID lies next to the parameter v (?v=XXXXXXXXXXXX). Look at the two samples below and this is how the Facebook video ID looks like.

Embed Facebook video - Embedding Facebook videos in wordpress, Blogger

How to embed Facebook videos in your wordpress and Blogger websites

By using iframe you can easily embed Facebook videos in your website.

Embed Facebook video in wordpress

In your wordpress site whatever it may be like posts, pages or widgets. If it is posts, pages then switch to HTML editor and if it is widget then choose HTML widget. Now paste the following iframe embed code and replace the XXXXX with your Facebook video ID.

<iframe src=”” width=”540″ height=”420″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Embed Facebook video in Blogger

It’s just same like wordpress, switch to HTML editor and paste the iframe embed code and replace the XXXXX with the video ID. You can make changes to the width and height of the video. Also you can add frame border to your embedded video.

One good thing about embedding Facebook videos is that the video looks like you have uploaded it in your own server. It doesn’t contains Facebook logo, whereas YouTube logo appears when embedding YouTube videos.

The embedded Facebook video looks like:

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