How to access multiple Gmail accounts in one browser

Access multiple Gmail accountsI have 4 Gmail accounts and when I have to access all the Gmail accounts at the same time then the only option I have is by using different browser or I have to sign in and sign out which is bit time consuming. How many Gmail accounts do you have 3, 4, and 7 and are you tired of accessing all the accounts with different browser? This post will guide you to access multiple Gmail accounts in one browser.

Today lots of us maintain more than 1 Gmail accounts for several reasons and it may be personal or business purpose and with multiple sign in feature you can access multiple Gmail accounts in same browser at the same time.

Access multiple Gmail accounts in one browser

Still there are many people use different browsers to access multiple Gmail accounts without the knowledge of Google’s multiple sign in feature which makes us easy to access all the accounts in one browser.

  1. Login to any one of your Gmail account
  2. Now at the top right corner next to your image click drop down
  3. You can see “Add account” feature. Just click and add your another account

Multiple Gmail accounts

Multiple Gmail accounts

By this way you can add several accounts at the same session and it’s easy to switch accounts. Just click the name or e-mail at the top and select your accounts to sign in and now you can have several Gmail’s opened at the same time in same browser.

Access multiple Gmail accounts in your mobile

You can also access multiple Gmail account in your mobile and the procedure is same for what you done with desktop settings. Once you login touch the settings at top menu and add your accounts.

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  1. The first account you are signing in that browser will be the default one for that whole session
  2. Not all Google products support this feature. Google Drive, Google Adsense
  3. When you sign out of one account all your login accounts will be signed out for security.


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