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How to make Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers to remember passwords

Your password should be more than 9 characters in length, it should contain a combination of uppercase, lowercase, symbols, punctuation’s and moreover you should not use password that can be easily guessed like common words, real names, substitutes etc. All such rules and instructions can be seen in secure websites like online banking, online shopping

How to clear browser cache in Firefox, Chrome, IE, safari and Opera

Is your web browser is running slow or it often crashes than ever before, then it’s time to delete your temporary internet files. Most of the problems that you face while surfing the web can be solved by clearing your browser cache. Usually clearing your browser cache will significantly enhance your browser’s speed and performance.

Best SEO extensions for Google Chrome – For bloggers & web developers

Google Chrome is a light weight browser which has more features, Apps, Themes and extensions available in web store.  As a blogger and web developer you might be more aware of search engine optimization right! You will have several plugins and SEO software’s for your website to rank and analyze your Sites performance in search

How to access multiple Gmail accounts in one browser

I have 4 Gmail accounts and when I have to access all the Gmail accounts at the same time then the only option I have is by using different browser or I have to sign in and sign out which is bit time consuming. How many Gmail accounts do you have 3, 4, and 7