Importance of online video marketing to raise your business audience

Importance of online video marketingWe have featured an article about article marketing and its importance in SEO for your business campaign. Now this article reveals some importance of online video marketing for a successful business that improves your business audience and sales rate.

What is online video marketing?

Online video marketing is the process of promoting business digitally and attracting more audience by creating videos that is relevant to your business or topic and publishing it to several channel like YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe.

Importance of online video marketing

Statistics says that 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.


It’s not just like article marketing; since it is an audio and visual medium it can attract and cover a wide range of audience and gets more exposure for your business and it’s the best mode of communication accepted these days. It can entertain, instruct and provide useful information all at once.

  1. Regular update of videos with same relevant topic can perform well on search engines which links to your website
  2.  It creates brand awareness
  3. More than articles; viewers pay more attention to videos
  4. Article that contains videos will get more click through rates than a normal article that has plain text.
  5. More than image, text and audio; video can show with “human” considering your business which becomes an open proof.
  6. If your business is E-commerce then videos can greatly help in driving conversions

Moreover with all these points the effectiveness of your video is going to attract strangers who become regular visitors that convert to leads and they finally become your delighted customers.