How to highlight text in Blogger – Text background color in Blogger

How to highlight text in Blogger - text background color in BloggerOnce we posted a trick about changing the text selection color in Blogger. When someone highlights a portion of text they will see the highlighted color which you can customize using CSS. What if you wish to make a text or sentence highlighted in your blog post or page? You can show important words or sentence in your blog post by highlighting it. By changing the background color you can make a text or sentence highlighted just like this. Here we will see how to highlight text in Blogger.

You might show important words or sentence by changing the text color, but that doesn’t look clear. Your visitors will have a focused eye on that particular word or sentence only if it is highlighted and you can do that by adding a text background color.

Adding text background color in Blogger

In Blogger you have the option to add text background color. Switch to your compose mode as you would blog normally. Now select the portion of text or the entire sentence by just clicking and dragging the mouse over. Now select text background color next to the text color option and select the color for highlighting.

Highlight text in Blogger - Add text background color in blogspot

Publish your post when you are done and check out the post where you can see the highlighted text clearly.

Highlight text in Blogger

Normally for highlighting texts or sentence yellow color suits well which you can choose it from the toolbar itself. In text background color toolbar you cannot set or add any custom color. To add custom text background color you have to go manual.

Pick the color code for highlighting texts that suits well with your blog color. Now add the color code just like this in your HTML editor.

<span style=”background-color: #FFFF00;”>Highlighted Text Here</span>

Hope this helped you on how to highlight text in Blogger. Add text background color and make your visitors focused in blog post.