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Top 25+ best selling wordpress themes on Theme Forest 2014

There is no doubt in saying that wordpress is a popular CMS and according to stats wordpress rules the web with more than 60 million sites. One of the biggest advantages of wordpress is it is an open source project and so developers from all over the world are coming forward and building a huge

50 responsive wordpress themes for churches and missionaries

WordPress has become an ultimate tool to show up your online presence and one great thing about wordpress is that you do not need much technical skills to develop your website. Also there are unlimited themes and plugins which are been developed day by day and with all that you can achieve the most desired

How to test a wordpress theme without changing it for live visitors

Is your site’s current theme is very slow or does it has too many glitches or you are unsatisfied with your site’s appearance? For any of such issues all you can do is go for a new theme or debug and work on your current theme. To debug you need some technical skills, but switching

Changing wordpress theme screenshot for your custom or child theme

Just a day back we have posted about changing wordpress theme name. After changing your theme folder name and editing the theme details in CSS, one last step is there that is changing the theme screenshot which we missed in that article. If you are using a customized theme or if you are using a

How to change wordpress theme name – Rename theme folder and hide it

Do you know that people can easily find out what wordpress theme you are using in your site? Just right click your website and view page source; you will see your theme name like this ( theme name). Do you wish not to show your theme details to public? Then simply change your wordpress theme

How to create wordpress custom page template – Custom wordpress page

WordPress is one of the best web software in which developers and designers can create, design and build anything that they wish for. If you wish so then all you need is some creativity and coding skills. There are tons of resources for wordpress (themes, plugins) in which you can achieve your dream website or

How to change font family, color, style and font size in wordpress

Changing font family and adding a detail to your Font style, font color and font size will totally give a different look to your site. To make you site more elegant you should focus on changing the default font family, color, style and size. In all premium wordpress themes you can look for a theme