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How to limit access to wordpress login page by IP address

By default your wordpress login page is open for everybody, anyone can just type /wp-admin or /wp-login.php next to your domain name and reach your site entry point. So what do they do after reaching the entrance, they simply try to get in to your dashboard by attempting several logins. You should always be aware

How to change wordpress login logo – Customizing wordpress login page

Are you creating an elegant wordpress site for your client and willing to change the wordpress login logo? Changing the default wordpress logo and customizing the login page shows some uniqueness. Especially if you are running a multi author blog then by replacing wordpress login logo with yours adds a brand. Here we will see

How to change wordpress username – Change username admin for security

Do you need to change you wordpress username that is the default username admin, then take a look at this post. In wordpress user settings you can only change your passwords and not usernames. We made an article on how to recover wordpress password if it is lost, but what we missed is to make

Limit login attempts in wordpress site – WordPress security

Recently our hosting blocked one of our wordpress site and we couldn’t find the exact reason and when we requested about this problem to our hosing they mentioned that the site gets overloaded from a particular IP address (brute force attack) and we finally concluded it as a hacker trying to access our wordpress admin

How to password protect your wordpress admin directory (wp-admin)

Each and every wordpress users know the login page that is www.yourwpsite.com/wp-admin. First thing hackers try on these wordpress site is to access your site through wp-login page. If you need some extra security for your site why don’t you add an additional authentication to your login page? How to password protect your wordpress admin

Complete guide to wordpress basics – WordPress made easy

Are you a new blogger in the digital era? then for a complete guide to wordpress basics you should read this article. Why you have to choose wordpress? when there are lots of open source CMS(Content Management System). You know why because wordpress is free and widely used blogging platform and it  has many features.

How to install wordpress plugins for beginners (step by step)

More than 50 million sites around the web runs in wordpress platform, which is a free and widely used open source blogging tool. So developers around the world taking part in developing more plugins and themes for wordpress. Here in this post you will learn how to install plugins in your wordpress site. But before