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How to customize scrollbar style in wordpress using CSS

With CSS you can beautify your entire site, do you remember or not that once we have posted about adding details to your wordpress site. Here it is changing the font family, color, font style, font size and changing the default text selection color in wordpress, all that is based on CSS. Have you ever

How to copy or duplicate a wordpress post or page

Duplicate content hurts your site’s SEO and in fact Google hates duplicate content. So why to copy or duplicate a post? There are several reasons to clone a post or page, for example let’s say you are writing blog posts in a sequence like part 1 part 2 etc, so you may like to have

How to test a wordpress theme without changing it for live visitors

Is your site’s current theme is very slow or does it has too many glitches or you are unsatisfied with your site’s appearance? For any of such issues all you can do is go for a new theme or debug and work on your current theme. To debug you need some technical skills, but switching

How to hide a wordpress post from homepage or feeds – WP hide posts

In wordpress you can hide a blog post easily from homepage by just back dating it or you can make the post or page visibility to private. For instance login to your wordpress site, add a new post, now in publishing options set the date to past and then publish it. This will hide that

How to add Google plus +1 and “add to circles” badge in wordpress site

After reading our article on Facebook like box, hope you have added Facebook like box in your wordpress website. Have you got a page in Google plus, then why not add your Google plus page badge in your wordpress website. Just like Facebook, Google plus provides various badges and +1 buttons for bloggers and webmasters.

What’s that smiley face in wordpress footer, how to hide that smiley?

What is that smiley face in wordpress footer? Are you using Jetpack plugin in your wordpress site then you might have probably enabled site stats. If you have enable site stats or if you are using stats plugin then you will notice a small smiley face that show up in your wordpress footer. Recently

How to add Google custom search engine in Blogger – Google search bar

A blog, in order to give a best user experience must possess three important things. One is commenting system that helps users to interact with each other’s. Know how to enable or disable comments in Blogger. The second one is showing dates in posts (timestamp) that helps visitors to know whether the content is evergreen