How to add / claim a local business listing to Yelp – Small business

Add a business Yelp database - How to claim your local business listing to YelpAre you running a local business and would like to market your business online? Then Yelp will be a good start for you. The way people used to find business and services has been changed over years. If you don’t show up in their searches then you are losing business. Yelp is one of the leading review website where local businesses use to show up their online presence.

Yelp is started way back in 2004; now it is helping tens of millions peoples to find local businesses and services.  It has 53 million local reviews and you know what, if your business is not listed in Yelp then you are missing out new businesses each day. Yelp is one of the effective ways to market your company and especially for local business; it is the best way to get found by real customers. Here let’s see how to add / claim a local business listing to Yelp.

How to claim your business listing to Yelp - Getting started with Yelp

In Yelp you can add business like restaurants, real estate, automotive, dental, plumbing, spas, professional services and any kind of local business. There are wide range of categories in which you can choose a relevant one for your business. But one thing you have to note is that Yelp has been launched only in 25 major countries all from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. If Yelp is not in your city then no worries, there are several other review sites for your business.

How to add / claim a local business listing to Yelp

Adding your business to Yelp is free and simple.

Step 1: First go to and then click on create your free account now.

Step 2: Now start finding to check whether your business in already on Yelp. Enter your business name, location and click on “find my business”.

Getting your local business started on Yelp - Yelp for small business

Step 3: You will now see a list of business with similar names. Find your business and if it already has a business page then claim your business. If you don’t find your business in that list then click on “Add your business to Yelp”.

Add and update business listing to Yelp - local business listing to Yelp

Step 4: Next you will be taken to a page where you have to enter all the necessary information about your business. Choose country, enter your business name, address, city, state, Zip, phone, web address (not obligatory) and working hours. Next choose the right category and sub category which is more important to optimize your business listing.

Setup your local business to Yelp - add your local business listing to Yelp

Market your small business using Yelp - Add your local business to Yelp

Note: In website field do not enter your Facebook page or any other reviewing pages. Only enter your official business website, if you don’t have then simply leave it blank. Yelp will review each and every business before adding to its database. So make sure all the information you provided is correct and up to date.

When everything is right, enter you email address and click on add at the bottom.

Add your business in Yelp database - Claim your local business listing to Yelp

Step 5: You will now receive email verification. Follow the confirmation link from your email and you’re done.

Yelp team will review your submission, just wait for a day or 2 and when approved you will receive further information about claiming your page. Meanwhile you can view your business and update information like cover picture, business info etc.

To claim and confirm your business Yelp team will contact you to the number that you provided. When everything is perfectly done you will have your business listed on Yelp. Next is optimizing your Yelp listing which is more important to get your business noted in search results which we will discuss in another article. To know about that update subscribe to our RSS feeds.