How to effectively use LinkedIn for business

Its 2013, and social networking sites are getting more viral these days and most just help you on improving communication and focusing on creating a positive consumer experience. With more than 200 countries and 225 million users LinkedIn is a largest professional social networking site for people who are in professional occupations.

How to effectively use LinkedIn for businessYou must know how to effectively use LinkedIn for business. Many use LinkedIn’s professional network just as a job hunting tool, but it’s not only a tool for finding jobs. It’s actually a great tool for business to business marketers and with more business friendly features LinkedIn is considered to be the prime place for business profiles that expands social presence and generates more business.

LinkedIn is a great tool to promote your business and it’s a best place to start you conversation with right people having same field of interests and you know what? A professional updated profile can even lead you to a big opportunity. All these below tips help you to build your professional network on LinkedIn for business you and your brand.

How to effectively use LinkedIn for business

Have a nice profile on LinkedIn

How to effectively use LinkedIn for businessYour profile on LinkedIn is not just a profile, but more than that it’s your enhanced electronic business card that helps people to know about your skills and expertise. So take time to complete your profile with the right keywords to connect with right people.

Use a professional photo – It’s a professional network and so always use your professional photo in LinkedIn so that people will easily recognize you.

Update your information – Your skills and expertise are more valuable so try to keep your information updated in LinkedIn that lies next below to your name.

Make your profile more interesting – Add your website and other social networking links in your LinkedIn profile. Add your field of experience, additional interests other than your job and your contact details.

Make connections in LinkedIn

How to effectively use LinkedIn for businessEach and every weak spend a little time on LinkedIn to update and get more contacts. Add people to your contacts that you know outside of LinkedIn and also connect with people who have similar same interest on LinkedIn. Have a relevant contact list and there is “people you may know already” tool that helps you to discover more LinkedIn connection.

Ask for recommendations – With few weeks and a month you will build massive contacts in LinkedIn. Now with your existing connections ask people to recommend you to others in your field and there is a “recommendation” feature in LinkedIn that helps to recommend you and your connections and note recommendation is not endorsement.

Create a company page (How to effectively use LinkedIn for business) 

Most famous social networking sites have the feature to create company page and LinkedIn has one too. If you don’t have a company page in LinkedIn first you must create one and if you have a company page make sure it is clear. Add a location details, add career and opportunities in your company.

Note: LinkedIn allows you to create a page for your company only you have an email address @ your company

Create, Join and participate in groups

Joining and participating in more relevant group shows your interest and that helps to build conversations among people. Also create your own LinkedIn group and invite your contacts to join your group.

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Conclusion (how to effectively use LinkedIn for business)

LinkedIn connects you with people and groups to make your business more effective and there are customers and tools that help your business effectively but all that depend on how you use LinkedIn. Hope this article helped you to know how to effectively use LinkedIn for business by connecting with the right people.

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Effective Business with LinkedIn