How to create a LinkedIn company page – Spread your company name

How to create a LinkedIn company pageWe are not talking about Facebook or Twitter; it’s about LinkedIn a professional social networking site with more that 225 million active users in professional occupation it is one best place to promote any business and a best tool for b2b marketers.

Every business should create a LinkedIn company page in order to promote your company’s products, services, to recruit most talented and to share useful, important and interesting updates of your company. LinkedIn’s company page is a big opportunity for small business and communities that helps to strengthen professional social presence on web.

Why to Create a LinkedIn company page?

First of all LinkedIn company page improves online reputation and digital identity of your company. LinkedIn company page is a great way to promote your services and events, it generates more leads to your business and also helps in SEO, to recruit most talented and to post job offers and to promote the knowledge in LinkedIn community.

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What are the requirements to create a LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn company page is a space open for all type of companies and communities, but the most represented activity in LinkedIn is IT sector, banking sector, public sector and marketing/advertising sector.

Make sure to meet these following requirements before creating a LinkedIn company page.

  1. Your profile strength should be intermediate or all-star and your personal profile should have several connections
  2. You should be a current employee and listed in your profile experience section
  3. To create a LinkedIn company page you must have an email address @yourcompanyname
  4. Your company email account should be a real company (Gmail, Yahoomail cannot be used to create a LinkedIn company page)

How to create a LinkedIn company page?

Step 1: Go to this link and search for your company if not add a company at the top right corner before FAQ

How to create a LinkedIn company page

Step 2: Now enter your company name and your email address @ your company and click the check box that you are the official representative of that company and continue.

How to create a LInkedIn company page

Now you will receive an email to your company email address. Confirm the link and start managing your company profile.

Step 3: To finish the company page fill out the page information. Select the language, enter company title and company description in detail, select the type of company, size of company (no of employees), and enter your company URL, operating status and designate admins to operate your LinkedIn company page.

Step 4: Portray your company logo to people who visit your LinkedIn company page. Add a banner image (646 X 220) and logo of your company (100 X 60). Once done click publish and your LinkedIn company page is now live.

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Add products and service

Your company’s overview section is over. Now it’s time to add your company’s products and services.

Step 1: Go to interests >> companies and select the company you created. Now go to products tab and get started.

How to create a LinkedIn company page

Step 2: select product or service and select a category of the product or service

Step 3: Add a product or service name, image, description, website URL, YouTube video and disclaimer. Click “publish” once done.

Request recommendations

You will have a list of connections in your LinkedIn personal profile. Now request them to recommend your products and services by clicking “request recommendations” button in your company page. The company name is likely to spread if more people recommend your products and services.

See the top best LinkedIn company pages below to inspire you.

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