Importance of Facebook likes for brands and other business

Facebook is the world’s number 1 social networking site which gets more than 600,000,000 unique monthly visitors and mobile users spend more than 70 % of their browsing time on Facebook and it’s the best place to promote your brand and business.

Importance of Facebook likesTechnology has changed in the field of marketing and we are all well-known with Facebook likes. Today each and every single brand promotes their business using Facebook and you know what a brands popularity is measured with the likes that they have on their Facebook fan page.

If your business is serious then you must take advantage of Facebook likes. Facebook likes is an chain reaction, for example let’s say you like a page and that liked page updates some post that feeds will show in your timeline and all your friends can see that posts and if your friends found it interesting  then they will like that to and it goes on.

Importance of Facebook likes and how can it grow your brand or business

The actual goal of this post is to show some importance of Facebook likes and how it can boost your business or brand. No matter whether it is small scale or a large scale business, Facebook likes can help grow any business and let’s see in what ways it can help.

Facebook likes Raises ones brand or business visibility

As I told you it’s a chain reaction. I love KFC and when I like KFC page it shows that “Sureyea likes KFC” on my news feed and all my friends see that feed and it tempts them to know what the page is all about and if they love KFC they will like too. By this way ones brand visibility is raised.

Importance of Facebook likes for a brand or business

Facebook likes build customer interaction

You can make use of Facebook to build and interact with your customers. People who have liked your brand, business, product or service can give comments and feedbacks so that you can serve them right. You can showcase your products and make you fans aware with the latest releases and services you offer.

Importance of Facebook likes for a brand or business

Facebook likes builds relationship

Fans become loyal fans

So I liked KFC page and when they make a new post in their timeline like “Finger lickin good” and it appears in my feed and that appears in everyone’s feed who liked KFC. If the product and service is good then people will share and recommend to others.

Facebook likes drives traffic to your website

You must display social sharing options and social widgets in your blog or website so people can share your post on Facebook easily and that shown in their timeline like “he or she has shared a link” and the link passes by which in turn drives massive traffic to your website.

Now you got the importance of Facebook likes for your business so what’s next build a fan page and start getting likes. If you found this article useful then like us on Facebook.

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