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Popup window for Blogger – Popup window code

You might notice in some websites that a popup window opens suddenly without the knowledge of you which leads to other websites and they do it for some promotional purpose. It’s easy to add popup window for blogger and adding popup window helps in increasing page views of your blog and you can help visitors

What are HTTP status codes – SEO best practices

What are HTTP status codes? Its an three digit numbers that shows the status of the HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol) request when a visitor or search engines makes a request to a web host. Why you should understand the HTTP status codes? At times even your own blog or website may show these codes and you

How to make money from online – Make use of

There are several topics and discussion posted day by day around the web on how to make money from online, but this post is for people who needs the topic to be explained in a different and elaborated way. Internet is the biggest network in the globe which connects all types of people from students,