How to add PayPal donation button in Blogger blog – Donation widget

Create PayPal donation button and add PayPal donation button in BloggerIs your blog is ad free or you offering any products or services in your blog for free then at least add a donation button for all your hard work. You might have noticed PayPal donation buttons in some blogs and open source software sites. Making money by adding a donation button works well especially if your site offers freeware. If you are offering quality stuff then some generous people will definitely donate an apt amount. Here in this article we will see how to add PayPal donation button in Blogger blog.

Blogger is a free platform, so donation has no purpose in keeping your blog running but at least it will motivate you more in your work. PayPal is the easiest and reliable way to send and receive payments worldwide. Since PayPal has various tools you can easily add a donation button to your blog sidebar, footer and in posts. Adding donation button is simple, free and when the button is added you can start receiving payments. One thing good is that donors don’t need to have a PayPal account; they can donate using credit and debit cards.

How to add PayPal donation button in Blogger blog

To receive donations or payments you need to have a PayPal account. If you don’t have one then go and create your PayPal account first (Personal account or Business account). Make sure to confirm your email address.

The process of adding a PayPal donation button in your Blogger blog involves only two steps that is:

  1. Generating the code for donation button in PayPal website.
  2. Adding the generated code into your Blogger blog.

You can create PayPal donation button from both personal account and Business account. If you want you can upgrade your personal account to business as a sole proprietor. To upgrade your account go to this link, click on sign up and enter all the necessary details for your business account. People can send donations to you via credit card and debit cards only if you have a business account.

How to add a PayPal donation button in Blogger - Create PayPal donate button

How to create a donation button in PayPal

O.K all done, hope you have created your PayPal account. Now we suggest you to logout from your PayPal account so that the process becomes simple.

Now follow this link and click on “create your button now” which will lead you to next page.

Create and add PayPal donation button in Blogger - Donation button for Blogger

  1. Choose your button type that is Donations.
  2. Enter the organization name or service and leave the donation ID field blank which is optional.How to create PayPal donation button in Blogger - Adding Donation using email code
  3. You can now start customizing the donation button. You can use your own customized button or you can choose the default PayPal button. Choose country and language. Display credit card logos if you want below the donation button.PayPal donation button for Blogger - Creating donation button in PayPal
  4. Next choose currency and select the option for contribution amount. You can make donors to enter their own contribution amount or you can set a fixed amount for contribution.
  5. At last enter your PayPal email address and click on create button.How to add PayPal donation button in Blogger - Create and add PayPal donation button to Blogger
  6. Now PayPal will generates you two codes in which one is a website code and another one is email code.
  7. Under website tab click on select code and copy it. Now login to your Blogger blog.

How to create and add PayPal donation button in Blogger blog

Adding PayPal donation button in Blogger

  1. Login to your Blogger blog and choose the blog where you wish to add the donation widget.
  2. Now in your dashboard navigate to Layout and choose add a gadget.
  3. A screen now pops out, choose HTML/JavaScript gadget and add a title for your button like “Buy me a coffee”, “Contribute to our blog”, “Buy us a Beer” etc.
  4. In content area paste the HTML code that you copied in PayPal site and click on save.
  5. That’s it you have added PayPal donation button to your blog sidebar. Now click on the donation button which will take you to PayPal check out screen.

Add PayPal donation button in Blogger using email code

First create your cutom button for PayPal donation or you can get different PayPal donate images from here, from here, from here and from here. Next copy the email code from PayPal website. Now add a PayPal donation button anywhere in your blog by linking to that email code. Here is a detailed article on adding title, link and alt tags to Blogger images.

Sample: <a href=”Your PayPal Email code”><img alt=”” src=”Donation button image URL” title=”Please Donate” /></a>

You can also add PayPal donation button under all posts or in any particular posts. But sidebar is a great place to add such things because your visitors will have an eye on that every time when they visit your blog.

Hope this article guided you on creating and adding PayPal donation button to your Blogger blog. Please share it and make your comments below. Subscribe to RSS to get latest updates from us.