How to submit and claim your website in Alexa – Alexa site submit

If you are a webmaster then you must know certain things about your website. In order to take you site to the next level you must keep up with the latest trends and that can be attained only after several analysis. By analyzing the traffic data and understanding your site visitors you will come to

How to insert images into Google Forms – Adding pictures and videos

Do you need to collect feedback for your products/service? Or do you need to create a form for event registration? Or do you need to create application form or contact form for your website? Google Forms is an all in all solution to quickly collect information from public, colleagues, friends and customers. Creating Forms in

What is wp-config.php? Where and how to edit wp-config.php file

Are you using self-hosted wordpress site? If yes, then have you ever gone through your wordpress core files? If yes, then do you have any idea of what it is? Most of the time we manage our wordpress site from back end administrative pages that is wp-admin. After your initial wordpress setup you will start

How to hide Facebook posts from certain people (Public, family, Boss)

Most of the Facebook users including me don’t’ like to share their personal information to the whole world. Facebook is a wide network with billions of users that connects us with friends, families, friends of friends etc.  We do not know all those Facebook friends in our real life and so sharing specific personal information

How to verify Blogger blog on Pinterest – Verify your blog on Pinterest

Some social media report shows that Pinterest refers more traffic to a blog than Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or LinkedIn. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool where people gather ideas from others who create and share ideas (pins and boards). Community of people gets connected in same similar interests, who create pins, share pins and

How to add subscription link to YouTube videos – Add subscribe button

YouTube is not just a place for hosting videos; it is a community where you can meet and engage with people, business of same niche. With YouTube you can effectively build both your online and offline business. Stay long, gain more exposure and build a massive audience. Additional to your promotional efforts YouTube offers various

How to add PayPal donation button in Blogger blog – Donation widget

Is your blog is ad free or you offering any products or services in your blog for free then at least add a donation button for all your hard work. You might have noticed PayPal donation buttons in some blogs and open source software sites. Making money by adding a donation button works well especially