Beginners guide to create MySQL database for wordpress installation

WordPress is a powerful content management system, an engine that runs on majority of websites. The point is, WordPress makes several tasks simple and one thing that it makes very simple is installing the software. You do not need any coding knowledge and most of the hosting companies offer you Fantastico, a popular tool that

How to add / claim a local business listing to Yelp – Small business

Are you running a local business and would like to market your business online? Then Yelp will be a good start for you. The way people used to find business and services has been changed over years. If you don’t show up in their searches then you are losing business. Yelp is one of the

Add hit counter to Blogger – Flag counter and live traffic feed widget

Want to reveal the traffic flow to your site visitors? You might have seen in many blogs (especially in BlogSpot) that display visitor counts with country names and flags in sidebar.  All such tools like hit counter, flag counter, real time map dots and live traffic feeds are simple, free to add third party widgets.

How to add border, frame and shadow effects to your wordpress images

Do you like to hang pictures around your wall without framing it? No one does! A picture without a frame doesn’t look cool and it is not even a picture, it is just a plain image. Whether it is your living room or your website, adding border or framing an image will give an enhanced

Enable CAPTCHA in Blogger blog to minimize spam – Add word verification

Have you ever noticed people making irrelevant comments in your blog posts? Irrelevant comments in your posts give a bad experience both for you and your users. This happens and can be seen mostly in Blogger blogs and that is since you don’t have any plugins or tools to combat spam comments. But there are

How to increase file import size in phpMyAdmin (WAMP Server Localhost)

Are you trying to clone your live wordpress site to localhost (local computer)? For the very first time when you clone your site manually you will face some issues. Usually you will end up in a situation where you cannot import your database (SQL file). Due to the file upload limit you cannot import large

Make wordpress menu links nofollow – rel=”nofollow” to menu navigation

Recently a visitor asked us how to make the wordpress menu links nofollow. First of all nofollow is a link element that tells Google not to pass any ranking values (page rank) to the other linked document. Honestly adding rel=”nofollow” is very useful to maintain your page strength. We have once discussed a lot about